The Dreamlife of Angels movie plot

2022-07-09 14:51
Isda is a poor girl who wanders from one city to another with an attitude of facing life with a smile. At the beginning of the film, she came to the small town of Lille, who was too poor to continue on the road, and she met Mary while looking for a job. Mary, also 20 years old, is also a rebel in her own impoverished life, and the two women in distress have forged a deep friendship. But in the face of social and inner pressure, the two people's life philosophies are not the same. Knowing that she would be hurt in the pain of living in poverty, Mary still threw herself into the arms of a son-in-law, hoping to gain the strength to break away from her class. This way of gambling despite knowing she will lose conveys the woman's desperation for her own way out, and in the end she has no choice but to self-destruct.
Two young girls go on strike together, cheat together, and get tired of the routines of life. The difference is that one is naive and has absolute confidence in life, the other is withdrawn, sensitive, and immersed in pessimism; one has dreams in a wild life, and the other loses himself in the reality of love. In the stage of life like an angel, where should they go. 
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The Dreamlife of Angels quotes

  • Isa: I'd like to see you when you realize that you need other people.

    Marie Thomas: I'll send you a photo.

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