Ma vie en rose movie plot

2022-07-08 21:00
Lido Vik, who liked to wear girls' clothes since he was a child, was not restricted or criticized by his parents too much at first, but as he got older, his words and deeds became more serious than in the past. At home, he likes to play with Barbie dolls, twist his body and dance beautifully; at school, he likes his neighbor boy classmates in his class, and he wants to be his bride. The whole idea of ​​subverting gender made all the neighbors collectively isolate themselves from his family, fearing that their children would become abnormal because of this.
Perhaps his behavior and thoughts of wanting to be a girl are too strong, and he always thinks that he is no different from ordinary girls, because he can imitate girls to sit on the toilet to urinate and occasionally experience abdominal pain, thinking it is a symptom of menstrual cramps. All the unusual behaviors caused the school to order him to drop out of school on the grounds that it would "affect the school atmosphere", which made his parents feel ashamed and angry, and invited a psychiatrist to help him heal his illness. However, it was all in vain, he was still the Lildo Vik who dreamed of being a girl   .
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Ma vie en rose quotes

  • Hanna Fabre: Ludo, have I ever broken a promise?

    Ludovic Fabre: No.

    Hanna Fabre: All right. Then sit still. Ludo, don't you want to be like your brothers and your father?

    Ludovic Fabre: No.

    Hanna Fabre: I like long hair. And people who know what they want.

  • Hanna Fabre: Boys cannot marry other boys.

    Ludovic Fabre: I know that.

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