The Element of Crime movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
Cannes International Film Festival Technical Achievement Award, Mannheim Film Festival Award, New York Film Festival Artistic Contribution Award.
Fisher, a police officer who has lived in Egypt for thirteen years, received a letter from his teacher Osborn and set off for Europe after a long absence. But when he came to Osborne's house, Fisher found that the teacher had been fired from the police station, and his years of research books had been destroyed. Soon, Fisher was notified by the police that there was a case of homicide and dismemberment in the local area, and he used a method to see what a serial killer did. When looking through the previous files, Fisher found that Osborn had also taken over a similar case before he left, so he decided to analyze and investigate the case with the method in his teacher's book "Crime Elements".
"Crime Elements" is the first full-length feature film by the famous Danish director Lars Von Trier. The film uses dark tones and bizarre visuals to build a bizarre criminal world. Young Von Trier is in the film. Demonstrated extraordinary artistic ambition and superb skills, and thus became famous in Europe. After graduating from the Danish National Film Academy, he continued to shoot two feature films, Epidemic (1986) and Europa (1991), which constituted his early creation of the "European Reality Trilogy ". The common feature of these three films is that the film pays great attention to visual effects, and there are constantly overlapping pictures and various dazzling special effects photography, so many film critics think that Feng Trier is too obsessed with skills, and his attitude on this issue at the time: "I There is an almost fetish penchant for film technology, and the endless possibilities that can be created with the equipment offered by the Film Academy is what excites me the most."
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The Element of Crime quotes

  • Fisher: I'm gonna fuck you back to the stone age.

  • Kim: Why do you keep torturing yourself?

    Fisher: I have to! I believe in joy!

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