The Fallen Idol movie plot

2022-07-04 12:54
The story takes place in a The Embassy, ​​in the eyes of the little boy Philip (Bobby Henrey), the butler Bennis (Ralph Richardson Ralph Richardson) is a hero who is like a fake. The whole story can be traced back to Philip’s parents who often go out. When the parents were away, the responsibility of taking care of Philip naturally fell to Bennis. At such a sensitive and simple age as Philip, a man who took care of everything for him Humans are like omnipotent heroes.
But was Bennis really as upright and brave as Philip thought he was? Of course not, he was just an ordinary adult. Despite having a family, Bennis maintains an affair with a young woman named Julie (Michèle Morgan Michèle Morgan), and even sneaks Julie to The Embassy for a tryst when Philip's parents are away. Unexpectedly, an accident took the life of Mrs. Bennis, and in Philip's view, this simple accident was a deliberate murder for a long time. 
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The Fallen Idol quotes

  • Baines: There's lies and lies.

    Mrs. Baines: What do you mean by that?

    Baines: Some lies are just kindness.

  • Phillipe: Funny, isn't it? Julie working for the embassy and all this time she was your niece.

    Baines: Yes. It's a scream.

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