Nightmare Alley evaluation action

2022-07-04 21:31
In the soul of every man, there is a player, no matter how big or small, even if it ends with a decaying and unsatisfactory ending, he is still willing. A colorful carnival that captivates the inhabited nightmare of alcoholics and eccentric millionaires. The road they have to walk, as described in the opening sentence of the film, "This road is for monsters to pass through here."
"Nightmare Alley" is often described as Hollywood's most acerbic noir (films about the dark side of society). And thanks to a decades-long dispute with Fox, the film's producer, George Jessel, is nearing mythical heights. But it also prevented the film from being released, or even appearing on home video shows. And with the conflict finally resolved, the darkest and most unconventional noir classic of all time is finally presented to us in stunning DVD form. Due to repeated insistence, Tyrone Bower finally got this role that is completely different from his previous screen image-a handsome despicable villain, a wizard who is good at reading minds, and a professional liar.
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Nightmare Alley quotes

  • Molly: Wait a minute mister, you're not talking to one of your chumps. You're talking to your wife! You're talking to somebody who knows you red, white and blue. And you can't fool me anymore.

  • Stanton Carlisle: Listen to me, I'm no good. I never pretended to be. But, I love you. I'm a hustler. I've always been one. But, I love you. I may be the thief of the world, but, with you I've always been on the level.

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