The Good Fight movie plot

2022-06-26 15:32
Dianewas wiped out of all her savings in a financial scam, meant to retire and leave the villain who wanted to be in the top. After leaving, Diane went to a well-known Chicago law firm as a partner of Adrian Boseman, and she was in charge of a special task here: representing police violence or illegal acts and victimized cases. Not only Diane was affected by this financial scam, but also her goddaughter, Maya, who lost her job and was full of apologies to Diane and had to think about her own survival, and eventually followed the godmother. Together they will come to the Chicago law firm, where they will fight side by side and start a battle of wisdom and courage one after another   .
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  • Cassandre 2022-06-26 21:21:48

    There are more and more collaborators in the law firm, because they want to tell the audience that the good wife is gone, now its a new story; Maia is another Alicia, life is about falling down and starting over again. Lose the mother's drama, looking forward to a long stream of water.

  • Camden 2022-06-26 17:02:44

    Diane is back! Even David Lee's snobbery, as always, is gracious.

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