The King of Masks movie plot

2022-02-07 14:51
In the Sichuan Plain in the 1920s, there was an old artist named The king of masks, who had a unique skill , a boat as his home, and a green monkey as his company. The famous Sichuan opera actress Liang SulanAfter witnessing the unique skills of The king of masks, he begged him to join the Liyuan, but he politely refused, but the sincere conversation between the two made the king of The king of masks sprouted the idea of ​​adopting his offspring to pass on his unique skills. In the population market, The king of masks has an 8-year-old boy dogwho has been sold seven times . He bought the boy and cared for him in every possible way, but when he learned The boy was dressed by a girl, and he insisted on letting her leave him. Later, out of desperation, the girl was able to stay, but he could only call him "The king of masks" and was not allowed to call him grandpa.
The dog baby was not convinced by the patriarchal preference of the king of masks, once while the king of masks was away, he secretly tried the face of the king of masks, and accidentally caused a fire, the dog baby knew that he was in trouble, and left with guilt The king of masks. In the wandering and begging, they fell into the hands of human traffickers. In the shabby attic of the traffickers. She met the three-year-old boy Tianciand escaped from the tiger's mouth while the trafficker was drunk. She gave Tianci to The king of masks, thinking she had the best of both worlds. Who knew that Tianci was the grandson of a wealthy family. After he was sold, his grandfather turned to the police station and offered bounties everywhere. The king of masks knew nothing about this, and was caught on the spot when he was playing on the street with Tianci one day. Under the severe punishment, he was imprisoned on the crime of "abduction and trafficking of children". The police station counted all the dozens of unsolved child cases in the county on his head, and he was sentenced to death. Gouwa was remorseful after hearing the news, went to Liang Sulan and begged him to save her grandfather. Liang Sulan begged the commander of the Huguo Army, but was rejected. "In order to save his father's life, Guanyin cuts the rope and jumps off the cliff before he sacrifices himself. Gouwa's true feelings moved the live Guanyin and also moved the teacher. The teacher immediately agreed to personally come forward to plead for the king of masks. The king of masks was released. On the pier, he saw a dog who was cleaning the board of the boat. In the call of "Grandpa", the grandfather and grandson hugged tightly   .
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  • Johanna 2022-03-17 09:01:09

    The film is really neat. The ambush of clues, the use of symbols, the expression of traditional culture, and the expression of other intentions that are not just the true feelings of the human world are all well rubbed together, and they complement each other without any intention. The puppy really has evolved into the hearts of the audience. Every sound of "Grandpa" is bigger than the cry of seven gourd babies. . One baby, one monkey, one boat, one craft, the face-changing king is enough. Living Guanyin is so beautiful.

  • Stefanie 2022-03-18 09:01:09

    It's so touching, everything is logical, Zhu Xu and Zhou Runying acted so well. The grandfather's cry is too clear and loud, and the boss's cry is too distressed and sad. The face-changing king who prefers sons to daughters is finally moved by the dog baby. Who says girls can't continue the incense?

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