The Last Mimzy movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
In fact, sometimes, maintaining childlike simplicity and innocence is the most difficult thing.
10-year-old Noah Wilder is an ordinary student who can't be more ordinary. His academic performance is not outstanding, and he feels a little dull. However, his 5-year-old sister, Emma, ​​is a little smart, with a significantly higher IQ than other children of the same age. Adults succumb to the mundane and monotonous life every day, it seems that only the innocent eyes of children can see beautiful things: When the Wilder family is on vacation by the sea, Noah and Emma stumble on a beach by accident. The strange box washed up by the sea, attracted by the exquisite stripes on the box, Noah wrapped it in a towel and smuggled it home.
In the room, two children with little sense of danger opened the box and found it filled with some odd toys: a crystal card; a gelatinous object — which looked like a human brain; a rock that looked like a meteorite — - it broke down into 9 pieces; a sea shell and so on, but the one that surprised Emma the most was an old stuffed bunny toy, because looking into the eyes of the toy, it sounded in Emma's ear Sisi whispered.
This mysterious bunny toy that calls itself "Mimz" can talk directly to Emma's brain, and it teaches Emma many bizarre superpowers. And when Noah and Emma study different toys, they also have some incredible abilities: Emma found that a strange stone broken into 9 pieces would disappear if it revolved rapidly around an object; Ya Ze learned some "technical activities" from sea shells, and showed his skills in the school's science fair - he even "ordered" the spider to weave a rectangular web; at the same time, Noah's spiritual power was in the crystal. With the help of the card, it has also been quickly improved, and it can even take objects or move objects in the air.
Excited with each new discovery, Noah and Emma are mesmerized by the incredible superpowers the toy has to offer. However, the bizarre condition of the two children was soon noticed by their mother, Joe Wilder, whose mother's nature made her feel that something inexplicable was happening around her, but she couldn't see it and couldn't understand it. What the children are going through: When Noah holds the crystal card in front of her, she sees only a dull slate. It seems that only children like Noah and Emma can see what toys really look like. As an adult, Joe has already formed a fixed thinking pattern and cannot see them.
To make matters worse, Jo finds that she seems to be the only one in the family who is frightened, while her husband David rarely communicates with the children because of his busy work, even though Noah displays extraordinary superpowers in front of him. But still choose to turn a deaf ear. Another suspect of these behaviors was Noah's teacher Larry White, who was outraged when he found out that Noah had been drawing incomprehensible Buddhist illustrations in class, just as he was about to draw all of them. When tearing it up, I saw a very familiar painting in it. It turned out that Larry had just dreamed of this image last night, and he saw it for the first time in a temple in Tibet.
When the teachers and parents were wondering what happened to the two children, Larry's girlfriend Naomi's mind suddenly flashed: Noah may be the reincarnation of the "living Buddha". The problem is that not only Noah, but even Emma has shown some extraordinary phenomena-there will be no two "living Buddhas" in this world at the same time.
Things began to escalate uncontrollably when Agent Brodman of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Seattle stepped in. It turned out that a few days ago, Noah and the toys proved their abilities, and the result was a device similar to a "dynamo", and inadvertently activated it, creating a strong pulse that caused the entire state's power supply system to shut down. been temporarily interrupted. The panicked security department investigated and traced that the source of the power outage came from the Wilder family. Broderman characterized the accident as a terrorist attack. He quarantined the Wilder family and reviewed them one by one.
When he knew that this ability actually came from a toy, Broadman confiscated the strange box and sent it to a scientific research institution for rigorous testing. To everyone's surprise, the craftsmanship of making toys was far better than the existing ones. is much more advanced. "Mimz" told Emma that it came from the future, and the mission this time was to "fix" the flaws in human genes - not only for the future, but also to save humanity. This investigation hinders their mission, Mimz and other toys grow weaker and weaker, and they must complete their mission as soon as possible and return to the future. To save the cuddly toys, Noah and Emma use their superpowers to implement a daring escape plan by stealing a van that Noah has learned how to "drive" from a game. However, they were still stuck in place because the car ran out of gas. Helpless, Emma had no choice but to give Larito a dream to sleeping through telepathy. According to the instructions in the dream, Larry came to the road next to a hotel, and he saw Noah and Emma waiting for him there.
"Mimz"'s breathing became weaker and weaker, and Emma cried sadly. It turns out that Emma's tears are the DNA that saves human beings. There is a "simple" element in her genes, which is the key to restoring important human emotions--the future human beings will lose this emotion. Back at home, Emma and Noah jointly built a bridge connecting time and space, allowing "Mimz" to return to its world, and they used the abilities learned from toys to create an energy shield that could The "Mimz" wrapped in it is taken back to the future. However, just as the two children were about to finish, their parents and Broadman rushed over, but they arrived too late, and now no one could prevent the completion of the energy shield. At this time, an accident happened, and the huge vortex formed by the protective layer swept the unprepared Emma into it. If she was also taken away by the protective layer, she would be lost in the unknown alien dimension. The adults went crazy. He rushed into the energy protection layer, trying to rescue Emma, ​​but unfortunately they were all bounced back. When Qianjun fired, Noah saw a gap in the protective layer, he grabbed his sister's leg and finally rescued her. After a final burst of dazzling light, the "mimz" disappeared along with the protective layer.
Although Agent Brodman was bewildered by what he had just witnessed, he still apologized to the Wilder family for his mistake. Time turns to the future, we can see what kind of impact "Mimz" has brought to mankind. Emma's "simple" gene that has been deciphered will eventually save mankind, so that mankind will not be reduced to emotionless walking dead   .
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