The Oranges movie plot

2022-03-29 08:01
The Ostroffs and Wallings are neighbors, good friends, and live door-to-door on The Oranges Street. The Ostroff daughter, Nina, finally broke up with her fiancé Ethan after five years away and returned home on Thanksgiving. While both families appreciate and expect Nina to develop a relationship with Walling's successful son Toby, Nina is drawn to Davil Walling, her parents' good friend. When the relationship between the two has developed to the point where they cannot be avoided, the lives of both families have suffered shocks. Fortunately, this relationship has gradually had an incredible and even positive impact on other family members. People are starting to rethink what it means to be happy and how to find happiness with your family and friends, or how to find happiness without them. 
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  • Milton 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    Although old and young love is no longer a new subject, if this film adheres to the logic of "happy is good" and goes all the way to the dark, you can still watch it, but at the end, it has to pull back the traditional values, which inexplicably becomes The ending of "everyone went their own way". It's like letting the two people on the line of happiness behind the dark cloud suddenly wake up to life after dancing, and then they part ways, what a shame!

  • Derick 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    Dr. House and Queen B's Chaotic Life

The Oranges quotes

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    Vanessa: [narrating] The question of happiness has preoccupied philosophers, poets and pharmaceutical companies for thousands of years. Clearly, it's a tricky one.

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