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2022-03-30 08:01
After the screening of Kitano Takeshi's latest work "アウトレイジ" ended on the 17th Cannes time, 3 of the 9 film critics invited by "Screen" magazine crossed the film, and 3 people gave a two stars, two gave two stars and one abstained. (Critics rated it on a 4-point scale by Screen magazine, the Cannes Film Festival's show, with four stars being perfect, three stars being good, two stars being average, one star being bad, and a fork being bad.) Overall, nine films People don't rate this film well. However, the critics' ratings for "Screen" do not represent the Palme d'Or's evaluation of the film. (  
"アウトレイジ", as director Kitano Takeshi himself predicted, "becomes a work that will be discussed." The French "Technikart" magazine gave the film quite polarized reviews, with some critics marking it with the Palme d'Or, while others marking it with a "don't enter cinema " warning. Only America's Variety magazine praised Kitano Takeshi's new film, arguing that moviegoers will love this blood-stained world. (  
After the film was released, critics said much less than expected. One of the most prominent comments was that it was "too violent", and it seemed that everyone was overwhelmed by the extreme violence presented in Kitano Takeshi's so-called "return to the origin" film. On the other hand, Ms. Caroline Vié, who was a commentator at the "Kitano Takeshi Film Festival", said she liked it very much. The film shows a whole new side of Kitano Takeshi and can feel his challenging spirit. The cast of Miura Tomokazu, Renji Ishibashi, etc. is also strong. I think the role assignments are also great. (  
"アウトレイジ" tells the story of the underworld members being cleaned up layer by layer from bottom to top under the power struggle and provocation used by their bosses, but the story itself and the plot setting with the oriole behind it, it is not original and novel. , but Kitano Takeshi's unique directing, but this story on the edge of the genre has a mix of spicy, sweet and sour flavors. (  
Overall, "アウトレイジ" has no surprises or disappointments, maintaining the consistent level of Kitano Takeshi, compared to "Long Live the Director!" " and "Double-sided Kitano Takeshi" are obscure, at least "アウトレイジ" is a commercial film that is easy to understand and can drive people to watch. Starting from the story and the characters, the story is straight-line without too much suspense. What attracts people is that the gangsters are fighting for each other, and they are all grabbing food on the edge of the cliff. Whoever has harsh methods can survive. There is no reason for the gangsters. In order to annex the territory, they resort to various despicable methods such as fishing. In the dictionary of the gangsters, there is no word shameful. This is the yakuza world depicted by Kitano Takeshi, extremely cold, extremely real, extremely sinful, and chilling.
In terms of character building, there is no good person in "アウトレイジ", which is a deliberate arrangement by the director, but the performance is not contrived. In the film, there are gangster characters, restaurant owners, ambassadors of small African countries to Japan, police and other characters. These characters are all involved in illegal funds, and all they take is black money. There is another translation in the film, which is "All the Evil People". Sure enough, no one is a good person, but the effect shown in the film does not appear to be biased, because the director uses events to promote the story, and the characters in the film are passive, as the audience can understand that this incident involves those characters. , It's not that the director can put all the bad guys on camera and leave, but the characters involved in this matter are not good people. With such a delicate handling, it shows that Kitano Takeshi's skills are still extraordinary, but there is still a lack of surprises. After all, Kitano Takeshi is old and his creativity has declined. This is an indisputable fact. () 
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  • Freddy 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    It's not just black eat black, it's fucking black eat black eat black eat black eat black

  • Maximo 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    No light, no darkness!

The Outrage quotes

  • Ikemoto: H-h-hold on a minute...


    Ikemoto: I'll reverse the banishment.

    Ôtomo: Huh?

    Ikemoto: I'll reverse the banishment.

    Ôtomo: You banish me, then you reverse it?


    Ôtomo: How many fucking tongues do you have?

    Ikemoto: Huh?

    Ôtomo: Are you deaf? How many do you have?

    Ikemoto: I've only got one.

    Ôtomo: Only one? *Two* or *three* is more like it, you fucking prick!

    Ikemoto: I'm telling you I've only got one tongue!

    Ôtomo: [a little calmer] Open your mouth.


    Ôtomo: Stick out your tongue!

    Ikemoto: [beat] Huh?

    Ôtomo: [barking] Stick out your tongue!

    [Ikemoto reveals reluctantly a bit of his tongue]

    Ôtomo: MORE!

    [Ikemoto does]


    [Ikemoto sticks out his entire tongue, then Otomo slams his jaw so violently that Ikemoto chokes on his own tongue; Otomo eventually kills him]

  • Ôtomo: How the fuck can you come to play here just after you banished me ? I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU !

    Ikemoto: W-wait a second...

    [he pants]

    Ikemoto: OZAWA !

    Mizuno: He's gone already, you dipshit.

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