The Outrage background creation

2022-03-30 08:01
In the selection of actors for the movie "アウトレイジ", Kitano Takeshi invited three generations of powerful stars who can represent the Japanese entertainment industry to join him in his new film. In addition to himself, there are Jun Kunimura, Tsukamoto Takahisa, Kohinata Fumiyo, Miura Tomokazu, Shiina Kupei, Ryo Kase, etc. Many of them are "newcomers" that he has never cooperated with. Soichiro Kitamura, as well as Shiina, Miura, and Kase are the first to join the Kitano group.
In the character design, director Kitano Takeshi went the opposite way, but arranged for actors with "good looks" to be the vicious underworld. Director Kitano Takeshi said that if you hire an actor who always plays the bad guy, then all the characters will exude the same gangster flavor, and the movie will be bad overall. In this film, the rogues with higher status are more ordinary in appearance, but of course their stomachs are black.
In the design of the actor's image, Ryo Kase is also a highlight. Ryo Kase, who has always been considered a typical herbivorous man by the audience, was designed this time as an intellectual underworld figure Ishihara, and one-third of the lines are arranged in English. In order to make Kase "black", Kitano Takeshi put a lot of effort into letting him thin his hair back, reshape his eyebrows, put on a pair of small square glasses for him, and even rewrite it according to his image The script was written, and the characters were set as neurotic characters who were usually taciturn, expressionless, and would strike ruthlessly once they got angry. 
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The Outrage quotes

  • Ikemoto: H-h-hold on a minute...


    Ikemoto: I'll reverse the banishment.

    Ôtomo: Huh?

    Ikemoto: I'll reverse the banishment.

    Ôtomo: You banish me, then you reverse it?


    Ôtomo: How many fucking tongues do you have?

    Ikemoto: Huh?

    Ôtomo: Are you deaf? How many do you have?

    Ikemoto: I've only got one.

    Ôtomo: Only one? *Two* or *three* is more like it, you fucking prick!

    Ikemoto: I'm telling you I've only got one tongue!

    Ôtomo: [a little calmer] Open your mouth.


    Ôtomo: Stick out your tongue!

    Ikemoto: [beat] Huh?

    Ôtomo: [barking] Stick out your tongue!

    [Ikemoto reveals reluctantly a bit of his tongue]

    Ôtomo: MORE!

    [Ikemoto does]


    [Ikemoto sticks out his entire tongue, then Otomo slams his jaw so violently that Ikemoto chokes on his own tongue; Otomo eventually kills him]

  • Ôtomo: How the fuck can you come to play here just after you banished me ? I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU !

    Ikemoto: W-wait a second...

    [he pants]

    Ikemoto: OZAWA !

    Mizuno: He's gone already, you dipshit.

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