The Outrage movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
Kato, the second-in-command of the Sannokai, a large-scale violent gang that dominates Kanto, advised Chi Yuan, the leader of the Chi Yuan group to which he belongs, saying that the big boss Kanai disliked him because he was too close to the insignificant sidekick, the leader of the Murase group. , and ordered Chi Yuan to immediately accept the Murase group.
The flustered Chi Yuan summoned the leader of the Great Friends Group under his subordinates and gave him the task.
Dayou has always helped Chi Yuan clean up the mess and take over the hot potato. I thought it was an errand as usual, but I didn't expect it to lead to a power war involving survival in the underworld world.
アウトレイジ's next violent brawl drama has kicked off.
), who belongs to the Sannokai , the number one gang in Kanto , once became a brother in prison with the leader of the small organization Murase ( Shan Wanghui is ambitious, always coveting Murase's territory and drug business. At the behest of Sannokai Wakato Kato (, Ike Yuan ordered his Otomo group to challenge the Murase group. The fierce attack of Otomo () make Murase retreat, forced to retire, and the business of the group is easy to be controlled by him.
There are many talents in the Otomo group. Wakato Mizuno ( played by) and cadre Ishihara ( played by) personally presided over the opening of a casino in the embassy of an African country, and they made a lot of money for a while. However, the situation has changed. In the gangster society that has long abandoned the traditional benevolence and morality, various conspiracies have emerged one after another, and the Dayou Group is precarious. 
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The Outrage quotes

  • Ikemoto: H-h-hold on a minute...


    Ikemoto: I'll reverse the banishment.

    Ôtomo: Huh?

    Ikemoto: I'll reverse the banishment.

    Ôtomo: You banish me, then you reverse it?


    Ôtomo: How many fucking tongues do you have?

    Ikemoto: Huh?

    Ôtomo: Are you deaf? How many do you have?

    Ikemoto: I've only got one.

    Ôtomo: Only one? *Two* or *three* is more like it, you fucking prick!

    Ikemoto: I'm telling you I've only got one tongue!

    Ôtomo: [a little calmer] Open your mouth.


    Ôtomo: Stick out your tongue!

    Ikemoto: [beat] Huh?

    Ôtomo: [barking] Stick out your tongue!

    [Ikemoto reveals reluctantly a bit of his tongue]

    Ôtomo: MORE!

    [Ikemoto does]


    [Ikemoto sticks out his entire tongue, then Otomo slams his jaw so violently that Ikemoto chokes on his own tongue; Otomo eventually kills him]

  • Ôtomo: How the fuck can you come to play here just after you banished me ? I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU !

    Ikemoto: W-wait a second...

    [he pants]

    Ikemoto: OZAWA !

    Mizuno: He's gone already, you dipshit.

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