The Sea of Trees movie plot

2022-06-25 22:41
Aokigahara is located at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. The dense and deep trees cover the sky, so it is also named "Sea of ​​Trees". Because of its convenient transportation and high privacy, this forest has become a holy place for suicide. American Arthur Brennan (came here to take his own life. On the way, he accidentally encounters a Japanese worker Nakamura (who is hesitant to die. During the conversation, the two give up suicidal thoughts and start looking for a way to escape from the forest. 
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The Sea of Trees quotes

  • Takumi Nakamura: [a loud howling sound is heard throughout the forest and Arthur yells if anyone is there] There is no one.

    Arthur Brennan: Then what was that?

    Takumi Nakamura: Tamashii.

    Arthur Brennan: What's tamashii?

    Takumi Nakamura: Tamashii are spirits. They are souls wandering these woods, until it is their time. Things are not what they seem here.

    Arthur Brennan: It was probably just an animal.

    Takumi Nakamura: There are very few animals in Aokigahara.

    Arthur Brennan: Well, then it was one of the few.

    Takumi Nakamura: This place is what you call purgatory.

  • Takumi Nakamura: There are answers for this in science?

    Arthur Brennan: There are answers for everything in science.

    Takumi Nakamura: But not in God?

    Arthur Brennan: God is more our creation than we are his.

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