The Sea of Trees Reviews

2022-06-25 18:22
The film uses a large number of scene descriptions to pursue the correspondence between natural objects and characters' psychology, so as to control the narrative rhythm of the film and create a poetic mood. In the film, the emotions and fate of the characters, as well as the mood and atmosphere of the film, are intertwined with the natural and social environment in which they live. The director gave it a lot of beautiful empty mirrors, whether it is from the external shape of the forest, the interior style of the forest sea, or the subtle changes of light and shadow in the forest, and the lens language successfully gave the film a layer of oriental artistic conception. () 
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  • Pamela 2022-06-25 22:02:21

    Why do so many people find it ugly... they dislike the lack of depth in this movie? Too easy to understand? Is the plot too bloody? But in fact, life is so bloody so unpredictable, I don't care. Anyway, I was crying in the movie theater. The acting is superb, the music is beautiful, the scenery is picturesque, I like it! (Is that so vulgar and opinionated?)

  • Dangelo 2022-06-25 20:30:06

    Van Sant reluctantly took the blame of the screenwriter

The Sea of Trees quotes

  • Takumi Nakamura: You must know, this forest is very powerful.

  • Takumi Nakamura: [a loud howling sound is heard throughout the forest and Arthur yells if anyone is there] There is no one.

    Arthur Brennan: Then what was that?

    Takumi Nakamura: Tamashii.

    Arthur Brennan: What's tamashii?

    Takumi Nakamura: Tamashii are spirits. They are souls wandering these woods, until it is their time. Things are not what they seem here.

    Arthur Brennan: It was probably just an animal.

    Takumi Nakamura: There are very few animals in Aokigahara.

    Arthur Brennan: Well, then it was one of the few.

    Takumi Nakamura: This place is what you call purgatory.

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