The Sea of Trees negative review

2022-06-25 12:42
The script of the film is bloody, the means of creating contradictions are lacking and powerless, the suspense setting is lacking, and the Western imagination of Japanese scenery and culture is exaggerated, which can be said to be a waste of the actors' hard work. () 
The Sea of ​​Trees film has only 4 functions: hypnotize; enjoy the scenery of the Japanese forest; observe the simple mountain rescue process; () 
The film piles up a lot of Japanese elements to satisfy the fantasy of Westerners, so it is mysterious, superficial and stupid. () 
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  • Doug 2022-06-25 19:27:28

    It's not that bad, please don't be preconceived.

  • Maximillian 2022-06-25 19:08:10

    It's bad, but it's actually more mediocre. A survival(?) movie about family, redemption, and all the cliche of the East. The mediocrity makes people sleepy in the woods most of the time. If you remove the Cannes exhibition and Gus Van Sant's name, this is a DVD movie that will be quickly forgotten, but without these two labels, the firepower will not be so fierce...

The Sea of Trees quotes

  • Takumi Nakamura: [a loud howling sound is heard throughout the forest and Arthur yells if anyone is there] There is no one.

    Arthur Brennan: Then what was that?

    Takumi Nakamura: Tamashii.

    Arthur Brennan: What's tamashii?

    Takumi Nakamura: Tamashii are spirits. They are souls wandering these woods, until it is their time. Things are not what they seem here.

    Arthur Brennan: It was probably just an animal.

    Takumi Nakamura: There are very few animals in Aokigahara.

    Arthur Brennan: Well, then it was one of the few.

    Takumi Nakamura: This place is what you call purgatory.

  • Takumi Nakamura: There are answers for this in science?

    Arthur Brennan: There are answers for everything in science.

    Takumi Nakamura: But not in God?

    Arthur Brennan: God is more our creation than we are his.

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