The Son of No One background creation

2022-06-27 20:26
Director Dito started writing the script for the film as small stories, then stitched together into a big story that became more and more like a movie. America entered the post-9/11 era in 2002, and during the 2001 disaster, the public fell in love with the police, and everyone seemed to be part of one big family. In 2002, the public's feelings for the police began to fade, and the director hoped that this love would continue in the film, so Tatum, Pacino and Lyotard all played the role of the police   .
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The Son of No One quotes

  • Loren Bridges: Tampered evidence is wasted evidence

    Officer Thomas Prudenti: Yeah... You realize it's not actually evidence untill someone gives a fuck about this?

  • Detective Charles Stanford: You are a deer in the jungle here, my boy.

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