The Unknown Girl movie plot

2022-07-19 13:39
One night, when the clinic was closed, someone suddenly rang the doorbell. Intern Julianto open the door, but is stopped by a young female doctor, Jenny. Julian leaves in a fit of anger. Jenny learns the next morning that the body of The Unknown Girlwas found by the river , and it was she who rang the clinic's doorbell for help before she died, but no one responded. Jenny was trapped in guilt and couldn't extricate herself. In order to find the girl's real identity, she gave up the position offered to her by the Kennedy Center, took over the small clinic of the old doctor, and started the search with the photo of The Unknown Girl. She went to all the places that might have something to do with this illegal immigrant black girl, asking around for her name. People denied that they were involved in this death, but under Jenny's repeated and persistent questioning, people's hidden thoughts gradually leaked out   .
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The Unknown Girl quotes

  • Julien: When I saw that kid having his fit, shaking all over... I saw myself when my dad hit me. All I got from him was beatings. I wanted to be a doctor to treat him or to treat myself, I don't know. Or to be a better doctor than ours who thought I bruised myself playing.

  • Le père de Bryan: She doesn't care.

    Le père de Bryan: She's dead.

    Jenny Davin: If she was dead, she wouldn't be in our heads.

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