The Unknown Girl evaluation action

2022-07-19 17:31
The film is still fairly restrained narrative style. From the beginning to the end credits, the whole film has no emotional soundtrack. The heroine Jenny's thinking, dialogue and actions are straight-line, simple and straightforward, and clear at a glance. The filming closely follows the characters so that the center of the whole film is concentrated on Adèle Haenel's performance. The film as a whole lacks some expressiveness and explosiveness, which makes the whole plot more and more depressing   .
The film is a little mediocre, and the plot is blunt   .
The film combines naturalistic narration with great acting, though it's hard to surprise the audience because everything is so familiar   .
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The Unknown Girl quotes

  • Julien: When I saw that kid having his fit, shaking all over... I saw myself when my dad hit me. All I got from him was beatings. I wanted to be a doctor to treat him or to treat myself, I don't know. Or to be a better doctor than ours who thought I bruised myself playing.

  • Le père de Bryan: She doesn't care.

    Le père de Bryan: She's dead.

    Jenny Davin: If she was dead, she wouldn't be in our heads.

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