Thunderbolt evaluation action

2022-07-08 20:05
Although "Racer" is a big production, it is not a successful work in terms of the film itself. The script of the film can be completely described as fragmented. The identity and role of Jackie Chan in the play gives a vague feeling. The opening of the film takes 3 minutes to explain that he is a student who came to Japan to study automotive engineering. After 3 minutes, he became the owner of a garage with a son and a stepfather. When it came to the fight scene, he became a quick and experienced fighting man. A kung fu master, and at the end, he transformed himself into a more professional racing master than a professional racing driver. Realistically speaking, the role created by Jackie Chan is to take care of the big investment he spent 200 million yuan. There are three large-scale action scenes in the film: the first is the Zhendong garage, the second is the Japanese-style pinball field, and the third is the Sendai Circuit, the finale. Among them, the fighting design of the Zhendong garage is the most innovative and most in line with Jackie Chan's consistent style. The finale racing scene is actually the weakest. It looks like a live broadcast of the Macau racing car. Although it has arranged crash and rollover accidents again and again, they are not shocking. Wrong, and even some people frankly called it Jackie Chan's mid-life crisis   .
The intense and exciting scenes from the beginning to the end of the film are truly breathtaking, and the car chase scene in the film makes the audience's blood boil. Gordon Chan, a director who studied defense technology in the United States, showed the military action weapons in "The Racer" at a glance, and many action directors came out in full force.  
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