Thunderbolt movie plot

2022-07-08 23:34
Ah Huoloved racing cars since he was a child. When he grew up, he entered a large Japanese car factory as a technician, and was responsible for inspecting new cars for field tests by test drivers. After returning to Hong Kong, he worked as a tuner at his father's old car factory and joined the police search for illegal racing cars. With his familiarity with cars, he was very handy in search work. During the mission, Ah Huo met Amy, a female reporter . One day, they found out that the car theft group used illegal racers to transport the stolen cars. Ah Huo assisted the police to hunt down the head of the group, Cook, but the trial was delayed due to insufficient evidence. Cook escaped from prison. And threatened to compete with Ah Huo on the racetrack. Soon after, Ah Huo and Cook participated in the Sendai International Racing Competition in Japan. The two had a fierce contest on the racing track. In the end, Ah Huo defeated Cook and won the championship, and he was arrested and brought to justice. 
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