Tomorrow, When the War Began From novel to screenplay

2022-02-07 14:58
The film is based on Commonwealth of Australia's best-selling popular novel "Tomorrow Series". From the publication of the first book "Tomorrow, When War Breaks Out" in 1993 to the publication of the last book "The Other Side of Dawn" in 1999, the novel was reprinted 16 times in Commonwealth of Australia and sold More than 3 million copies. Many records have been set in the history of Commonwealth of Australia's book releases. In 1999, the "Tomorrow Series" came to an end. The "Avery Series" derived from the protagonist of the series has appeared on the bookshelf. However, this series is not as popular as the "Tomorrow Series", which only survived for 3 years from 2003 to 2006.
When it comes to the "Tomorrow Series" novels, it is definitely a wonderful work in the history of books, because very few novelists dare to write that their own country is invaded by another country for unknown reasons, and the whole set of novels is fighting, and the army of their own country is nowhere to be seen. , politicians have fled. The reader does not know who the enemy he is facing, what the army of his country is doing, how much territory his country is occupied, or when the war will end - the war in the entire novel is What Avery saw and knew, the war outside his perspective, was not written by John Marsden, the author of the original novel. Such an unknown, panic and frightening atmosphere is appropriately conveyed to the readers' hearts through the novel. It is true because of such a characteristic that the "Tomorrow Series", especially the leading book "Tomorrow, When War Breaks Out" " was well received by the public. The novel was translated into 5 languages ​​and sold all over the world. Especially in the small Nordic country The Kingdom of Sweden , "Tomorrow, When the War Breaks Out" in The Kingdom of Sweden sold 115,000 copies - you must know that the entire Kingdom of Sweden has only 9 million people. In 2000, "Tomorrow, When War Begins" was included in the National Library's 100 Best Books for Teens.
When it comes to adapting such a well-known novel into a screenplay and making it into a movie, writer-director Stuart Beatty admits he's under pressure. He said: "This novel is a well-known and well-known work in Commonwealth of Australia, and it is very good to bring such a novel to the screen because a lot of people have read it, the mass base will be very good, and people will go to the cinema to see it. movie; there is also a drawback, that is, I have to write the script as close to the original as possible, because any small deletion will make the fans of the novel unhappy. Moreover, I also have to express the novel in the film. Panic, helplessness, and the strength of those young people are all there. If I don't do well at these two points, then the film is a failure." However, from the final appearance of the film, Stuart Bee Tee did a great job. Many loyal fans of the novel think that Stuart Beatty is very faithful to the original book, and every detail, every twist, and every line of dialogue in the original book is just right in the film.
In the face of praise from the outside world, Stuart Beatty said: "I know the difficulty of adapting this kind of work. The safest way is to write the script according to the routine and angle of the original book. The audience can tolerate the lack of some plots and stories in the film. However, the most unbearable thing is the screenwriter adding characters or modifying the plot inexplicably. So I chose the most traditional and safest screenwriting method."
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  • Rebeca 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    A movie version of the game still looks like a movie of the game? ? so stupid

  • Giuseppe 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    It's not worth half a star at all, let alone other things, these lousy actors are so fake, that such junk is even introduced in "Watching Movies"? !

Tomorrow, When the War Began quotes

  • Ellie Linton: She wasn't much older than I was, and she looked just as scared, I'll never forget her.

  • Homer Yannos: We have to start acting like soldiers, one mistake and it's all over.

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