Vampire Killers movie plot

2022-06-22 23:30
When the two approached their destination, they saw a mysterious priest in a bar and issued a warning to the local residents. Four beautiful women traveled through this place, so the six of them traveled together. One of them, Roti, seemed to have a good understanding of the local vampire legend, and silently fell in love with Jimmy. That night, the female vampires attacked these young people and kidnapped Jimmy and Rorty as sacrifices to wake up Camilla. Fletcher and the priest who arrived later dig out the holy sword, and these girls who are good at posing with them Vampires fight.
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Vampire Killers quotes

  • Fletch: Hahahahahahahaha! It's got a big metal cock for a handle!

  • Fletch: Yep, lesbian vampires. Just another one of God's cruel tricks to get on my tits. Even dead women'd sooner sleep with each other than get with me it would appear. But eatin' me alive, oh no, that's fine. Next time he'll have me bummed by a big gay werewolf I swear.

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