Vicious behind the scenes gags

2022-07-18 13:12
1. The two leading actors, Ian McKellen and Derek George Jacobi , have both admitted their Tongzhi identity in reality. 
2. The script of "Vicious" was written by Gary Janetti, who was the screenwriter and behind-the-scenes executive producer of the American classic comedy " will&grace " and the famous animated drama " Gaiku Family ". 
3. The off-screen stories of the two national treasure actors who have won the Tony Award are also very interesting. This pair of veteran actors who have already made public coming out of the closet and coming out have collaborated on film and television dramas and stage dramas many times, even when they were in college. Is a good friend, it is said that Derek George Jacobi also had a deep crush on Ian McLean. 
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Vicious quotes

  • Freddie Thornhill: So, who were you squawking on the phone to just now?

    Stuart Bixby: My mother, if you must know. She was very distraught.

    Freddie Thornhill: Why, did you finally tell her about us?

    Stuart Bixby: I'm waiting for the right time.

    Freddie Thornhill: It's been forty-eight years!

    Stuart Bixby: And there has not been a right time!

  • [repeated line]

    Stuart Bixby: [to Ash] You remember our friend Violet?

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