Voices of a Distant Star movie plot

2022-07-10 21:35
In 2039, the Earth's investigation team was attacked by the alien civilization Tarsian on Mars, leading to the fate of total extinction. And 7 years later, in 2046, the earthlings have used the technology obtained from Tarsian to establish a powerful cosmic army, initially defeated Tarsian in the near-Earth circle, kept the safety of the earth, and began to organize an expeditionary force to turn into a counter-offensive state.
Mikako, a third-year-old girl, and her classmate, Nori Terao, are lovers. After school, Mikako always rides her bicycle home and talks about their future on the road. Later, as the pilot of the humanoid fighter "Stalker", Mikako was selected into the super-large mothership "Lysiteia" as the flagship, and set off to pursue Tarsian.
14-year-old Mikako embarked on a cosmic journey, and after an intense and brief training session on Mars, she plunged into the battle against the Tarsian. In addition to the tense battle, using text messages to communicate with Ah Sheng has become a compulsory course for Mikako. But as the pursuit distance increased, the time required to send the e-mail became longer and longer, and both fell into a lonely waiting.
After the fierce battle of the Oort Nebula, the Earth Army disregarded its own technical inferiority and transferred a large range of time and space to the Sirius Alpha and Beta galaxies 8.6 light-years away from the Earth to pursue the remnants of Tarsian's defeated forces. On the beautiful grasslands of Sirius, Tarsian's main force appeared over the planet, besieging the Earth army to death, and Mikako cast aside all emotional baggage and went into battle. Despite the scars on her plane, she braved the frantic interception of the enemy's small fighter jets, and tried her best to start close combat with the opponent's battleship, and finally severely damaged the opponent's mothership. The fragmented and deactivated stalker disappeared into the space, Mikako smiled at the distant Sheng with tears in her eyes: "Li, I am here."
Eight years later, the battle situation of the Space Expeditionary Force reached the earth: the other warplanes and warships caught in the melee were all destroyed and no one survived. On this day, Ah Sheng, who had already joined the Earth Army and was about to go to the battlefield, also received a text message from Mikako eight years ago. He looked up at the blue sky and responded to his invisible lover: "Mikako, here I am." 
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Voices of a Distant Star quotes

  • Mikako Nagamine: Until middle school, I thought the "world" was where cell phone air waves could reach.

  • Noboru Terao: The time gap between Mikako and I will only widen. So, I made myself a resolution. To harden, cool and strengthen my heart. To stop knocking on the door that I know will never open.

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