Voices of a Distant Star background creation

2022-07-10 20:36
After The New Hayao Miyazaki finished "The Girl and Her Cat; She and Her Cateir; Their Standing Points " in 2000, he decided to make a longer animation called "ほしのこえ". However, due to his own job, the production of this animation can only be carried out slowly. After some thought, he submitted his resignation in May 2001 and became a freelancer. After resigning, The New Hayao Miyazaki devoted all his time to the production of "ほしのこえ". Finally, after 2 years of production, this animated short film, which The New Hayao Miyazaki himself was responsible for scripting, production, background, character design, supervision, etc., was completed in January 2002   .
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Voices of a Distant Star quotes

  • Mikako Nagamine: From now on, it will take eight years and seven months to receive each others' mail... Sorry... Say, we are separated by space and the Earth... like lovers... like lovers, aren't we?

  • Noboru Terao: Since middle school, we probably only saw each other... But a distance that takes eight years at the speed of light, is no different than saying, ''forever.''

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