Voices of a Distant Star evaluation action

2022-07-10 20:17
"ほしのこえ" is 25 minutes long. In addition to the gorgeous pictures, it also added three-dimensional fighting, which caused a shock in the industry and is known as the beginning of the era of Japanese personal CG animation   .
Although this work is a bit crude in terms of video and dubbing, the themes and long-distance love that transcends time can move people's hearts. Surprisingly, such a 25-minute animation was produced by The New Hayao Miyazaki alone. Since then, there has been a boom in the production of personal animations in Japan. Therefore, The New Hayao Miyazaki is said to be a leader in the field of personal animation production. It is no exaggeration, I believe this is also the reason why he is called "the director who changed the history of animation"   .
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Voices of a Distant Star quotes

  • Noboru Terao: It's stopped raining, hasn't it? Hey, look The sky It's a Tracer. It's pretty, isn't it?

    Mikako Nagamine: Yeah... Say, Noboru... You know, I... I am going to be onboard that.

  • Noboru Terao: In this way, my first quarter at high school passed by while exchanging mail with Mikako.

    Noboru Terao: [looking at mobile phone: No message has been received] The further Mikako goes from the Earth, the more the time it takes to exchange mail lengthens.

    Noboru Terao: [Again looking at mobile phone: No message has been...] It's just that... I will become someone who only waits for Mikako's mail.

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