Walking with Dinosaurs 3D movie plot

2022-04-13 08:01
During the hot vacation, the boy Richie and his sister followed their uncle who is an archaeologist to the vast and magnificent Alaska to experience a rare journey to search for prehistoric animals. In the forest, he was guided by a crow and traveled through time and space to the mid-Cretaceous period 70 million years ago. In a family of thick-nosed dragons, the little guy Pacey (voiced by Justin Long) was born with a big hole in his head by a troodontosaur. He was lucky to survive and he was destined to have a legendary life. As time flies, Percy and his friends grow up day by day, and he also happens to meet Juniper, a girl who makes his heart flutter. The great migration of the Pachynosaurus family began, but from the point of the journey there was fire and hunting. Seventy million years ago, a journey full of thrilling challenges resurfaces.
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  • Fabiola 2022-04-15 09:01:08

    Who said childish? ? This is the most exquisite dinosaur documentary film I have ever seen! At least he is worthy of the 3D effect

  • Cheyenne 2022-04-15 09:01:08

    Except that the little dinosaurs are too noisy (should be to serve small audiences of lower ages), it is quite good to be a popular science education film for children.

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D quotes

  • [last lines]

    Alex: Gotcha!

  • Patchi: [sneezes]

    Alex: Oh, gross! Mmm. But tasty!

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