Jane by Design movie plot

2022-04-13 08:01
Jane Quimby ( Erica Dasher ) is an eccentric high school girl with a special interest in fashion. Compared with girls of the same age, she can always capture the hottest and brightest things in the fashion industry. Because of the crisis in the family's economy, she went to a top fashion company to apply for an intern, but she did not expect that her overly mature appearance would make the other party mistake her for an adult. Out of love for fashion, Jane doesn't want to expose her lies, but it also means she has to find a balance between work and high school. She quickly realized that this was almost impossible!
After entering the company, she was assigned to the famous fashion designer Gray Chandler Murray ( Rosalie Anderson MacDowell ) as an assistant. Gray spends most of her time "traveling the world"—she wants to find the latest fashion trends ahead of others. Since Gray is never at home, this also gives Jane the perfect opportunity to hide her true identity.
After a while, Jane discovered another secret of the fashion industry: To be successful, you must face the challenge of outperforming the competition. For example. Gray's main competitor, India Jourdain (DeBeaufort). India, Gray's former assistant, has now set up a separate career as a senior designer. India coveted Gray's status, always thinking that one day she would be trampled under her feet. Fortunately, Jane has learned a lot from handsome senior designer Jeremy Jones (Rowly Dennis). Jane knew that Jeremy had a crush on her, but she didn't dare to accept it easily - she had a crush on a boy from the same school, NIck Faden (Matthew Atkinson), since she was a child.
Jane's best friend, Billy Nutter (Nicholas Roux), finds out about her secret and offers to help her "cover up" at school. Jane's older brother Ben (DavidClayton Rogers) is also her loyal supporter. But Billy kept a secret from Jane -- Jane's sworn enemy at school, Lulu Pope (Meagan Tandy)? That's Billy's girlfriend.
With the help of friends and family, can Jane be able to design the perfect life? Can you be the fashion designer of your dreams? Can you start your own fashion business?
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