War and Peace movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
Andrei Bolkonskyinsists on serving in the military despite his pregnant wife and aging father. When the battle fails, he returns home dejected, just as his wife dies in childbirth, Pierre Bezuhoffis established as the heir before his father's death, and inherits his father's title of earl, and nobleman Kuragin's daughter Alangets married. Shortly after the marriage, the two separated due to incompatible personalities. Pierre and Count Rostov's family are on their way to go hunting, and they pull Enderley, who is in the pain of losing his wife, to hunt. The count's daughter Natasha Rostovtells him A good feeling arose. Soon, Natasha accepted Andre's proposal and entered into a marriage contract. After a while, Andrei returned to the army. Ellen's brother Anatole ( The Sir Laurence Olivier of Italy ) tricks Natasha into loving him and instigates her to run away with him. The Russo-French war began, and General Kutuzov, the commander-in-chief, decided to temporarily abandon Moscow. On the way to retreat, Natasha met Andre, who was seriously injured. Andre forgave Natasha, but he passed away due to his injuries. After the victory of the war, Pierre returned to Moscow, and Natasha combined her destiny with Pierre forever   .
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War and Peace quotes

  • Natasha Rostov: Nicholas.

    Nicholas Rostov: Yes?

    Natasha Rostov: The expression on my face.

    Nicholas Rostov: What about it?

    Natasha Rostov: Do I look disdainful?

    Nicholas Rostov: No!

    Natasha Rostov: You're impossible! I'm sure I look disdainful.

    Nicholas Rostov: Well, what do you want to look disdainful for?

    Natasha Rostov: Well, I thought if I looked bored and disdainful nobody would notice that this is the first ball I've ever been to... How's this? Better?

    Nicholas Rostov: Oh, that's much better.

    Natasha Rostov: Good.

  • Natasha Rostov: Nicholas.

    Nicholas Rostov: What now?

    Natasha Rostov: Is everybody looking at me?

    Nicholas Rostov: Well, can't you see for yourself?

    Natasha Rostov: Not without changing the expression on my face.

    Nicholas Rostov: Natasha, you know, there's one awful thing about you.

    Natasha Rostov: Tell it to me! Tell me the whole truth.

    Nicholas Rostov: No girl I'll ever meet will ever be able to amuse me as much as you do.

    Natasha Rostov: Shh... Don't talk like that.

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