Young Mr. Lincoln movie plot

2022-07-05 17:05
President Lincoln of the United States made a name for himself in the history of the liberation of black slaves, but John. Ford's Lincoln biopic focuses on the young Lincoln as a lawyer. When he first entered social work in Illinois, he was uncertain about his future. He used to pray silently at his girlfriend's grave, eager for guidance. Later decided to enter the legal profession, took over some defense cases, but not taken seriously. It wasn't until he was involved in the murders of two of his friends' sons that Lincoln's intelligence and bravery in handling the case was noticed, and he grew steadily since then. The film uses a rigorous studio production method to highlight its stage drama, the up-and-coming youngster Henry. Fonda is one of a number of Hollywood masterpieces that came out in the same year as " Gone with the Wind ", portraying the spirit and spirit of the protagonist.
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Young Mr. Lincoln quotes

  • Abe Lincoln: [questioning Cass about Scrub's death] What were you and Scrub arguing about?

    John Palmer Cass: I'd rather not say.

    Abe Lincoln: Oh, you'd rather not say. Well, Jack, I'd rather you did say.

    John Palmer Cass: All right. We was arguin' about politics.

    Abe Lincoln: Well, that's something new to argue about.

    John Palmer Cass: I've learned some since, but I told Scrub I thought you had at least as much political sense in you as Stephen Douglas. Scrub got as mad as a wet hen and said you didn't!

  • Abe Lincoln: [cross-examining Cass] J. Palmer Cass.

    John Palmer Cass: Yes, sir.

    Abe Lincoln: What's the "J" stand for?

    John Palmer Cass: John.

    Abe Lincoln: Anyone ever call you Jack?

    John Palmer Cass: Yeah, but...

    Abe Lincoln: Why "J. Palmer Cass?" Why not "John P. Cass?"

    John Palmer Cass: Well, I...

    Abe Lincoln: Does "J. Palmer Cass" have something to hide?

    John Palmer Cass: No.

    Abe Lincoln: Then what do you part your name in the middle for?

    John Palmer Cass: I got a right to call myself anything I want as long as it's my own name!

    Abe Lincoln: Well then if it's all the same to you, I'll call you Jack-ass.

    [Roar of laughter from spectators]

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