Zamani barayé masti asbha movie plot

2022-07-10 15:33
It's just that on this long smuggling road, there are landmines everywhere, there are occasional ambush and robbery, and even the mules transporting goods are so cold that they have to drink before they can move. The dwarf brother opened surgery for treatment?
In the harsh natural environment on the border between Iran and Iraq, a group of hard-working Kurds live. One of them is a poor family. After his father accidentally hit a landmine and died, A Youcheng, a 12-year-old boy, supported the family. To make matters worse, my brother was seriously ill again at this time, and he desperately needed money for treatment. In order to solve this problem, my sister resolutely decided to marry a family, on the condition that the other party pays the medical expenses for the treatment. Unexpectedly, on the eve of the wedding, the man backtracked and only gave a mule as compensation. Ah You had to take the risk of taking a mule to participate in the smuggling. He kept giving the mule a lot of alcohol so that it could do the hard work in cold weather. In the area of ​​Liangyi, which is full of danger and freezing cold, every audience will be deeply shocked by Ayou's experience.
What is a "Kurd"? The Kurds are the largest group of nomads in the world , with more than 30 million people, belonging to the Iranians of the White race , scattered in the Mesopotamia plains. They founded the state in 612 BC and called it "Kurdistan" from 1150 until today. Kurdistan covers an area of ​​about half a million square kilometers and has been divided into territories of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria since 1923. The Kurds have resisted the aggression of the Arab Islamic countries for a century, but in the end they still lost to their powerful forces and converted to Islam, but they still did their best to resist the influence of the Arab countries. Before that, most of the Kurds believed in Zoroastrianism, and a considerable number of them also believed in Christianity and Judaism.
From the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, the Kurds and the powerful Ottoman Empire reached a military alliance agreement, which allowed the establishment of seventeen semi-independent city-states, which developed in their own native languages ​​during these three centuries. Rich original culture. It was not until after the First World War that the Western European powers ceded the Kurds to appease the defeated Turkey, and the Kurds lost their country again. The majority of Kurdish people today (about 15 to 20 million people) live in Turkey, but are forced to give up their national identity and culture, not even speaking their mother tongue. After a military coup in Turkey in 1980, thousands of Kurds were also arrested for racially discriminatory policies, which finally led to the Kurdish independence uprising in 1984. Yet the war killed more than 37,000 people, 5,000 of them Turkish soldiers, and displaced 3 million Kurds, 4,000 Kurds
German villages were destroyed or emptied, and 4,500 Kurdish intellectuals were killed by Turkish cavalry. Today, although the Kurds in Turkey have given up the armed struggle under the call of their leaders, they still maintain a force of 5,000 or 6,000 troops on the border. When Turkey attempts to join the EU, it may improve the human rights and politics of the Kurds. Rights in exchange, as there are also nearly a million Kurds in Europe.
In Iran, about 10 million Kurds who suffer racial or religious persecution live here. But because they believe in Islam and Iran are different sects, they have been subjected to political persecution. Until the death of Iranian spiritual leader Komeni, the Iranian authorities released rumors of peaceful coexistence, but in 1989 they assassinated the Kurdish separatist leader who was participating in peace negotiations in Vienna and three years later in Berlin. 's successor. Today, although the Kurds in Iran have lost their political and religious leaders, they continue their determination and efforts for independence until the Kurdish issue is resolved.
Suffered by their geographic location, historical development, or perhaps the shortsightedness of their leaders, the Kurds have been forced into diaspora to this day. However, they will not stop fighting to protect their language, culture, and continue to strive to survive.
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