The Dummy movie plot

2022-07-08 16:11
The protagonist Stephen (played by Adrien Brody) is a frustrated person who lives with his parents and sister in his late 30s. His dream is to become a ventriloquist performer. After resigning, he bought a puppet, regarded it as a close friend, and talked to the puppet every day. The family thought his actions were ridiculous, and only his friend Fanny (Milla Jovovich) supported him, and she also had a musical dream that others regarded as unrealistic.
Stephen met Lorena (played by Vera Farmiga) at an employment agency and fell in love with her at first sight. Under the instigation of Fanny, Stephen worked up the courage to show his love to her, but a misunderstanding occurred and she was reported to the police. After resolving the misunderstanding, the two became more and more intimate, and Stephen learned that she was a single mother and lived with her young daughter. When Stephen wanted to develop further with Lorena, she hesitated. At the same time, there are conflicts in Stephen's family. One day, Stephen returned the inseparable puppet. 
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The Dummy quotes

  • Heidi: [about Michael going in jail] Serves him right. I hope you rot there, fucking loser.

    Fern: Heidi! That loser was almost your husband!

    Heidi: Why can't you get it into your head he's a psychopath?

    Fern: I'm *sure* he is. But he's also a very successful accountant.

  • Fannie: D'you know our high school reunion's comin' up? Ten years... D'you know how depressing that is? D'you think I don't wanna slash my fucking wrists when I think about that? Goddamn it!

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