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2022-07-09 22:06
Basically, the reviews say that this is an adaptation that is quite faithful to the original book, but the screenwriter Andrew Davies made some moves at the end. How to say it? W&D is actually the posthumous work of Elizabeth Gaskell. She died before she could finish it. The novel ends with Molly standing silently by the window and watching Roger leave. I think most people should not be able to end this way. Accepted, so Andrew Davies gave Molly & Roger a happy ending with a stroke of the pen so we saw their confession in the heavy rain, Molly even went to Africa with Roger to explore.
If you like Pride and Prejudice , you'll love Wives and Daughters. Produced by the same people behind Pride and Prejudice, this sophisticated classic set in the British Victorian era depicts love, secrets and conflict in a British family.
"Wives and Daughters" won Best Drama and Best Actress at the British Media Awards in April.
Full of classical temperament, actress Justin Hall plays the innocent アモーレ, who also played the heroine in Jane Austen's novel " Mansfield Park ". アモーレ's father is played by Billy Preston, who has performed works including "Killing Field". ", "".
Wives and Daughters' solid cast and compelling storyline beat the big-budget " Tears of the Orphans " when it aired in the UK.
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Wives and Daughters quotes

  • [to Mr. Preston]

    Cynthia Kirkpatrick: I didn't sell myself. I liked you then, but oh, do I hate you now!

  • Lord Cumnor: I'm sorry I said anything about it now. I'll try to find a more agreeable piece of news.


    Lord Cumnor: Old Marjorie at the lodge is dead.

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