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アモーレand her father, Mr. Gibson, who is a country doctor, have been living with each other for many years. アモーレ gradually grew into a flower-like girl. Her father was worried that she would fall in love, so he sent her to visit his old friend Hamley. During the absence of アモーレ, the father who had been widowed for many years suddenly remarried in a flash, and the innocent daughter アモーレ was completely unaware of this. アモーレ's world has changed dramatically with the sudden arrival of her stepmother and her beautiful new sister, Cynthia. The addition of a stepmother and sister in the family made it difficult for アモーレ to adapt, especially the stepmother had many restrictions on her. Fortunately, the stepmother's daughter Cynthia was beautiful and straightforward. The two sisters bridged the differences between each other and quickly established a close relationship . But good times don't last. Everywhere Cynthia goes, there are many men who are defeated under her pomegranate skirt, and アモーレ has a crush on her.She also fell in love with Cynthia. Due to the opposition of love, the friendship between アモーレ and Cynthia faces a great test. For the sake of her sister's happiness , the heartbroken アモーレ decides to give up her feelings and try to cover up her loss. But inadvertently, アモーレ discovered that the stepmother and Cynthia seemed to be hiding an unknown past, and things became more complicated.
The story takes place in the English town of Helinford. When アモーレ was 3 years old, her mother died, and she and her father, a respected doctor, depended on each other for life. At the age of 17, her father sent her to the country and took the opportunity to marry Mrs. Trey Pike, a former governess. Although the stepmother is beautiful, she is selfish and superficial. アモーレ doesn't like her, but, for the sake of her father, she still tries her best to get along with her.
While in the country, Améra developed a deep friendship with the Hamley family. Osborn, the eldest son, who writes poetry, and Roger, the second son, who studies animals and plants, seem to like アモーレ.
Soon, the stepmother's daughter, Cynthia, came to He Linfu after finishing her studies in France. アモーレ hit it off with her, and Roger was also attracted to her. By chance, アモーレ heard Osborn's secret - to write poetry, she abandoned her studies; married a French woman whom her father disliked, and dared not speak directly. Previously, Mrs. Hamley had died of a heart attack.
The studious Roger received a grant to go to Africa for a two-year scientific research. Before leaving, he decided to propose to Cynthia, and she agreed, but asked to keep this as a secret that was not made public. アモーレ, who heard the news, was heartbroken, but still hoped that they would be happy.
In fact, Cynthia, who lacked family care when she was a child, did not know how to love and be loved. What she liked was the feeling of being held by a man. At the age of 15, in order to buy 20 pounds of new clothes, he privately entered into a marriage contract with Preston, a land broker and playboy. She repented, but the love letter she wrote back then was in the hands of the other party, so she was repeatedly threatened. With アモーレ's help, Cynthia escapes her entanglement, leaving the former surrounded by gossip from the townspeople.
One day, the exhausted Osborn died suddenly. The white-haired and black-haired Mr. Hamley forgave his son in deep remorse. At this time, アモーレ told the old man that his eldest son had already married and had a son. Lord Hamley, who was immersed in the pain of losing his son, was very relieved. Father said meaningfully to アモーレ: "How can you bury so many secrets and keep it a secret?"
Realizing her selfishness, Cynthia rejected Roger and married a more suitable man. (The novel was written here, and the author died.)
Roger, who returned in a "triumph", reunited with Amo at the welcome feast of Baron He Linfu. At that time, the feeling of being like brothers and sisters disappeared, and he realized that アモーレ was the woman worthy of his love. During the two years in Africa, Cynthia's letter was sloppy and perfunctory, while Amae's letter was full of care, understanding and support.
At the wedding, the words of アモーレ's biological mother's girlfriend hit the spot - "Actually, he loved her from the very beginning. Otherwise, why would he ride a 7-mile bike just to give her a beehive." Hehe. That, almost when they first met.
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Wives and Daughters quotes

  • [to Mr. Preston]

    Cynthia Kirkpatrick: I didn't sell myself. I liked you then, but oh, do I hate you now!

  • Lord Cumnor: I'm sorry I said anything about it now. I'll try to find a more agreeable piece of news.


    Lord Cumnor: Old Marjorie at the lodge is dead.

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