I'm not watching a movie, it's loneliness

Kailyn 2022-07-08 19:25:58

Except for Lorena, the characters in the play are a bit abnormal: the hero Steven is a little autistic; his friend Fangora is grumpy and weird; Serve with expired wine; sister Heidi has been awkward at home because her dream of singing didn't come true, and just broke up with a troubled amateur actor.

Many details are particularly funny, such as
the romantic record Fangora lent Steven for a date is actually a symphony march, on the sofa Lorena tried to talk to Steven again and again, Steven dodged stupidly;
Steven and Fangora ran to the door of Lorena's house at night to spray Thank you letter (another bad idea from Fangora), the three-letter word is still misspelled, and there is a big cross on the misspelled letter;
Steven's mother yells at Steven, and Steven, who is reading in the toilet, freaks out the book;
Steven's boss wants to fire him, steven asks why, the boss replies "If you were me, would you fire yourself", Steven rolled his eyes to try to understand the sentence, and left the company with an empty box;
Lorena took the child to As a guest at Steven's house, at first Steven's mother regarded the mother and daughter as beggars, and then enthusiastically dragged Lorena into the house and staggered Lorena;
Fangora brought the band to play the wedding march at other people's weddings. Distorted electric guitar...

Steven's love for Lorena is quite ingenious. Lorena's job is as a consultant to unemployed workers, a job that involves dealing with a lot of weirdos. Before Steven, she'd been in contact with three weirdos that day -- the actor who's been out of a job since 1972 had a cool accent, so she wasn't psychologically distant from someone like Steven. Steven's performance at the beginning was nothing special, always nervous, until he said that his specialty was ventriloquism, and Lorena showed interest (Lorena should be very fond of ventriloquism, and Steven manipulated the puppet to make an apology video for her, which also made her laugh), Steven thought She can't write the word and starts spelling Ven- for her, making Lorena laugh. After that, the relationship between the two began to change. Because Steven made Lorena laugh, they had something in common at that moment. He was no longer so nervous when facing Lorena. Lorena's beauty, and had a crush on her. Steven took a peek at Lorena after taking the business card, excited and bold. This part is very interesting, the camera goes back and forth between the two, and the relationship and emotional changes of the two people (mainly Steven) are very clearly explained. Andrien's performance is accurate and brilliant, Lorena is beautiful, the pink shirt and blue eyes are so beautiful, there is no aggression, people like Steven will like her, very convincing.

The entire cast is very good, and each actor has successfully completed their tasks. Although the characters are a bit strange, they are not abrupt. Those who like Friends should be able to find that Steven's father is Rachel's rich doctor's father, and Steven's mother and Steven's father are a couple in life. The three young actors are now all successful in their careers. Andrien has become a figure emperor, Milla is the most famous hit girl in Hollywood, and Vera has frequently appeared in big productions. Her acting skills have maintained an upward momentum for a long time. How much she can achieve depends entirely on her ambition. how big.

This was the first time I saw a non-Hollywood movie in the US, only to find out later that it was an independent film. An independent film does not mean that the subject matter is unique, nor does it have to be serious. Like this film, it is simply warm and touching. From this movie on, I lost interest in Hollywood romances, and in fact most Hollywood movies.

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  • Fannie: I bought a gift for you.

    Steven: Oh, no.

    Fannie: Actually, I lifted it from Borders. But it's perfect for your date. It's classical music.

    Steven: Oh, thanks!

    Fannie: Yeah, when you get Lorena alone, put this on. Classical music makes women horny. Just trust me on this one.

    Steven: Thanks. "Best of John Philip Sousa".

    Fannie: Yeah. Chicks dig it.

  • Fannie: You can fuck me if I'm wrong!

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