California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'

  • Director: Cristian Nemescu
  • Writer: Catherine Linstrum,Cristian Nemescu,Tudor Voican
  • Countries of origin: Romania
  • Language: English, Romanian, Spanish, Italian
  • Release date: January 23, 2009
  • Runtime: 2 hours 35 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: California Dreamin' (Endless)
  • The film depicts a group of American soldiers who take a train through a small village in Romania in order to deliver weapons to Kosov, but are blocked by the railway station master because there is no official document of passage. The stranded American soldiers unexpectedly made waves for the village. Not only did the village chief hold a welcome party for them, but the girls in the village were more attentive to these young American soldiers, dreaming of being able to return to the sunny place with them. california.


    • Release date January 23, 2009
    • Filming locations MediaPro Studios, Bucharest, Romania
    • Production companies Media Pro Pictures, Media Pro, Romanian National Center for Cinematography

    Box office


    $1,600,000 (estimated)

    Gross worldwide


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    • By Leonard 2022-12-29 07:58:57

      Favorite song "California Dream" commemorates "john phillips"

      On the morning of March 18, 2001, American folk singer John. John Phillips died of heart failure in Los Angeles at the age of 65. This John. Phillips, what the hell did he do?

       He formed The Mamas and the Papas. John. Phillips was originally a member of a folk chorus called Journeyman. When he went to a bar in San Francisco to perform, a beautiful 16-year-old female middle school student was fascinated by this tall and thin (he is over 1.90 meters), confident singer, and even...

    • By Juston 2022-12-22 20:52:17

      dream break california dream

      When the Kosovo war broke out in 1999, I was 2 years older than MONICA, the supporting actress in "California Dream". Unfortunately, I didn't get into college the year before, so I couldn't be like those college students who bombed my embassy in South Africa. That year, under the leadership of the Americans, NATO stood above world peace.

      The Americans finally came. They came before May 8, 1999, when the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was accidentally bombed with an expired map. They...

    • By Jamil 2022-12-09 09:32:44

      American dream

      "The Tower of Babel
      " "Bible · Old Testament · Genesis" chapter 11, when mankind united to build a tower that hoped to lead to heaven. In order to stop mankind's plan, God made mankind speak different languages, so that mankind can communicate with each other Can't communicate, the plan fails because of this, and human beings have been scattered since then."
      In the movie, at the village's celebration party, the train station commander's daughter, Monica, has a crush on the handsome...

    • By Karelle 2022-11-18 23:14:16

      A Faraway American Dream "California Dream" by the late Romanian director

      A European country Romania, a Romanian director Christian Nemesgu, who died young at the age of 27, made this heartwarming movie "California Dreams". For Romanian movies, we may all Not unfamiliar, a "April Three Weeks Two Days" allows us to experience the Romanians' friendship, love and responsibility. This "California Dream", in the seemingly lengthy 155 minutes, interprets a different American dream. The film's slow-paced, subtle, almost-through long takes and follow-through mode, under...

    • By Jeffry 2022-11-14 19:07:21

      Lonely post-war children can no longer erase the shadow of war

      A Romanian film that won an award is called "CALIFORNIA DREAMIN". The young director who was born in 1979 died early after filming the film, leaving us with this Romanian film called ENDLESS.
        The film tells the story of a train loaded with American weapons and soldiers stopping at a small station on the way. In the story, a train station captain who can't let go of the shadow of childhood war, takes his only daughter who has grown up alone. He hates Americans, but his daughter...

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    • By Denis 2023-09-26 15:54:48

      I finally remembered the...

    • By Alysson 2023-09-05 21:34:53

      The words in the opening mourning the director who died young can't help but make people have a special feeling for this film that was not edited by the director himself. The story unfolds slowly, a team of US troops involved in peacekeeping passes through a small village in Romania, as a The male protagonist of the station master has a strong anti-American complex due to the shadow of his childhood, and refuses to let go. The US military stays in a small village, and some very embarrassing...

    • By Chris 2023-07-10 02:19:22

      The ending song is the classic "California Dreaming".... A tribute to the late director of the film. Cristian Nemescu. Without the director's editing, we just watched a 155-minute feature film, not boring, but a little regretful and a little lost. How should I put it? Although this film also depicts the story of the Yugoslavia from the side, just like "Heavy Rain is Coming", but this film is of a different style, in the Kosovo...

    • By Dillon 2023-07-06 12:22:24

      Dreams turn to reality when they encounter sorrow, and reality is just an approval of...

    • By Shany 2023-06-21 00:34:30

      I like the flirting part in...