City of Women

City of Women

  • Director: Federico Fellini
  • Writer: Federico Fellini,Bernardino Zapponi,Brunello Rondi
  • Countries of origin: Italy, France
  • Language: Italian
  • Release date: April 8, 1981
  • Runtime: 2 hours 19 minutes
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Grad zena
  • "Woman City" is a comedy film directed by Federico Fellini and starring Marcelo Mastro and Dominique Labrier.
    The film tells the story of Napolas, a middle-aged man, who once met a stunning beauty on the train. He couldn't help but follow her and get off the train when he arrived at the station, but he lost his way, which led to a series of adventures.


    • Release date April 8, 1981
    • Filming locations Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy
    • Production companies Opera Film Produzione, Gaumont

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Gudrun 2022-12-27 10:22:41

      unintelligible movie

      The dubbing of the whole movie is really bad enough. Also, I just don't understand what their lines are trying to say. The whole movie is in line with the effect of a dream, very strange. Everyone has no idea. I feel like I'm going to sleep for a while.
      Watched the movie while staying awake. Each paragraph seems to have little connection. Really dreaming is almost the same as the plot in the movie.
      I haven't seen many Italian movies, their culture is too different from China. It...

    • By Hadley 2022-12-18 16:29:53

      boring and disgusting

      Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, there are many ways to express the anger, loneliness and struggle of women, and it is the same to express that women also have sexual desire and love. For example, why attack the genitals, because it is effective, because women often face rape when they need to attack. The anger of women was completely dispelled by the jokes of the film, and the anger and words that lost the background were also intercepted and amplified into absurdity....

    • By Haylee 2022-10-11 01:02:14

      Fei's dream

      I knew he was dreaming from the moment he got off the train and felt in the wrong place with green grass in front of him. Everything that happened after that was his dream. After seeing him stray into the Doctor's mansion, I still have a little doubt, why the noise and movement on the train are not reflected in the dream? This is not in line with the theory of "Inception". Then I saw him holding a vibrator and couldn't stop for a while. It was immediately confirmed...

    • By Marietta 2022-10-02 01:02:33

      Chapter 19

      Look ignorant. Looking at it under the premise that it is known to be a dream, it feels absurd and seems absurd and reasonable (after all, "there is everything in a dream").

      At first I thought it was similar to "Daughter's Country", with warm fragrance and nephrite jade, curling spring dreams, but I didn't expect it to be much more radical. First, there are sitcoms of busy women satirizing men who only think about that, and then there are...

    • By Oran 2022-09-29 22:37:37

      The city of women from the perspective of men

      Fellini demonizes women and mocks feminism from a male perspective. Just like what the opening teenage girl said; you men seem to respect and understand our female rise on the surface, smile on your face, but in your heart is a hypocritical mockery, you mock us in your heart. Director Fellini is indeed a talented but lustful and vulgar playboy. His movies appear from time to time to visit brothels, sexual fantasies, and carnivals with big breasted beauties, which are always a true portrayal...

    User comments

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    • By Beth 2023-05-23 06:12:44

      1. A masterpiece of Fei's style. Mastroianni once again incarnates the director's screen silhouette, revealing the most intimate and true desires in the deepest heart through a fantastic dream. The first and last trains pass through holes correspondingly. Napolas, like Kafka's protagonist K, who can't reach the castle, can never escape the city of women. He is constantly bullied and judged in the noisy and chaotic "feminist" world. Elephant (such as the tunnel to the pussy) provides a profound...

    • By Alexane 2023-04-18 06:40:52

      Men saw the director's mockery of feminism, but women did see the director's presentation of some of feminism, a kind of understanding. Viewers can get what they...

    • By Elouise 2023-02-20 16:27:38

      Mastroianni strayed into the daughter country, it turned out to be Nanke Yimeng on the train. The plot of "Women's City" is more continuous and smoother than Fellini's previous films. The feminist party is like an indiscriminate fire on the feminists by Fellini, the fat woman who brought down Mastroianni is in the same vein as the grocer's lady of "Amakord", blame the professor's villa party The eccentricity reminds people of "Casanova", and those sexual fantasies of more than one queen...

    • By Buddy 2023-02-03 12:15:59

      The reincarnation train encounters a beauty, Xunmei strays into the Women's City, and the Rough Man Manor defends patriarchy. Huang Liang dreams of returning to his youth. This is Fellini's version of A Chinese Ghost Story. The anxiety of feminism and the changes of the times are all reflected in this late work, which is farther and farther away from real life. Only those eternal jokes such as the middle-class obsession with kinking, and the auntie overlord are still valid. The art design of...

    • By Hailee 2023-01-14 22:40:05

      Fellini demonizes women and mocks feminism from a male perspective. Just like what the opening teenage girl said; you men seem to respect and understand our female rise on the surface, smile on your face, but in your heart is a hypocritical mockery, and you mock us in your heart. Fellini is indeed a vulgar playboy, and his movies appear from time to time in brothels, sexual fantasies, and carnivals with big breasted beauties, all the time...

    Movie plot

    Marcelo (Old History) met a woman in the same car on the train, which made him very moved, and the two were attracted to each other. But the woman suddenly got off the train when the train was at the station and walked into the woods. Lao Shi followed her, but the woman disappeared in a blink of an eye. Finally, Lao Shi came to a large hotel where a grand feminist seminar was being held. Lao Shi walked into the hotel, hoping to find...
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    Publishing Company

    Artificial Eye [ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ] (1981) (UK) (theatrical) (subtitled)
    Kinowelt Home Entertainment [ The Federal Republic of Germany, Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland ] (2005) (Germany) (DVD)
    New Yorker Films [ The United States of America ] (1981) (USA) (theatrical)...)
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    Movie quotes

    • Old Lady: "A house without a woman", they say in my parts, "is like the Sea without a Siren". Don't you agree with me?