The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum

  • Director: Paul Greengrass
  • Writer: Tony Gilroy,Scott Z. Burns,George Nolfi
  • Countries of origin: United States, Germany, France, Spain
  • Language: English, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish
  • Release date: August 3, 2007
  • Runtime: 1h 55min
  • Sound mix: DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39 : 1
  • Also known as: Siêu Diệp Viên 3: Tối Hậu Thư Của Bourne
  • "The Bourne Ultimatum" ( The Bourne Ultimatum ) is an action-adventure film based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Jonathan Ryder . The film is directed by Paul Greengrass , director of " The Bourne Supremacy " again, and the script is still written by the first two playwrights Tony Gilroy . Matt Damon , Julia Stiles , Paddy Considine return to starring roles. The film was released in the United States on August 3, 2007. 
    The plot of the film undertakes the fierce car battle in Moscow in "The Bourne Supremacy". As Bourne comes to Paris, London, Madrid, Tangier and finally New York City, Central Intelligence Agency will send stronger and colder killers to chase down. Byrne.


    • Release date August 3, 2007
    • Filming locations Tangier, Morocco
    • Production companies Universal Pictures, Motion Picture BETA Produktionsgesellschaft, The Kennedy/Marshall Company

    Box office


    $110,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Lorine 2022-04-22 07:01:02

      Matt Damon's Star Journey

      As the third installment of the Bourne series, the suspense about Identity is finally revealed. As usual, Bourne survived the disaster again. The director said, I need him alive, and maybe I will need him someday in the future.

      Matt is my favorite actor, not because of his acting, but because of his eyes. The earliest I knew him was in Good Will Hunting, the Chinese name translated very vividly, soul catcher. Matt plays a talented young man in it, with clear and simple eyes but a hint...

    • By Janie 2022-04-22 07:01:02

      The smooth and compact plot is like mercury pouring out in one go.

      The style of the film is very similar to "Enemy of the Nation" starring Will Smith many years ago. It is a story of personal confrontation with a national intelligence and spy agency manipulated by villains, but it is more atmospheric and more complex than "Enemy of the Nation". Although I haven't watched episodes 1 and 2, I'm still hooked. The most commendable thing about the film is its rhythm, which is smooth and compact, like flowing clouds and flowing water and like mercury pouring down...

    • By Jayce 2022-04-22 07:01:02

      What if I don't see such a wonderful film again in the future?

      It took more than 5 hours to travel more than half of the world with Bourne to find his past, and I was hooked, and another wonderful trilogy ended.
      The novel should be completed in one go, but the ending of each film is closed, basically leaving no tail, so that you can't think of a sequel, but the screenwriter has connected the series very well at the beginning of each episode. The most famous spy story is 007, but it is also the most unreal, but the real is not necessarily good-looking,...

    • By Adela 2022-04-21 09:01:06

      The ultimate battle for the sublimation of the first two works!

      "Bourne Bourne 3: Ultimatum" can be regarded as a sublimation of the first two works. After losing his beloved girlfriend and going through an endless life of chasing and killing, Byrne decided to take the ultimate counterattack and find himself 's true identity and put a stop to the whole conspiracy. The rhythm of the film is well mastered, making people feel nervous but not overwhelmed, and the proportion of action fighting and speeding car chases in the film is more reasonable than the...

    • By Clare 2022-04-21 09:01:06

      Watching Notes - "The Bourne 3"

      1. The ending of the upper part is actually this climax, which is very unexpected. 2. The chase and fight sequences in Morocco are great, great sequence for learning how chase edits shape spatial relationships, rhythm shifts and music utilization. 3. The ending echoes the beginning of the first part, and how perfect it was as the end of the trilogy. As a result, the standard super spy music that comes with the characters is cheesy. 4. Under the temptation of the global market, spy films in the...

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    • By Alia 2023-01-22 04:23:23

      It seems that I didn't pay attention when I saw...

    • By Reanna 2022-12-02 14:11:38

      I haven't watched the first two episodes so it's weird. ....

    • By Zechariah 2022-10-03 19:22:31

      The camera is too shaken, like a roller...

    • By Melissa 2022-04-24 07:01:01

      Hawkeye wants to take over the mantle of Damon and continue to write the undead legend of Bourne. Looking back on the three episodes, the story is not only at the level of action (of course, in terms of action scenes, it is simple and neat, without procrastination), but also discusses how to do justice and how to redeem oneself. The three parts are closely linked, presenting a complete memory, how difficult it is to find who I am in one's...

    • By Nannie 2022-04-24 07:01:01

      one better than the...

    Movie plot

    Jason Byrne, this man who knew nothing about his past had given up the idea of ​​searching for lost memories. Because although he has no nationality and identity, he has found his beloved Mary. He originally planned to spend the second half of his life with Mary sweetly, having children, and not paying attention to the past. However, although Bourne had the heart to fade out, he was quite eye-catching. Those dark organizations that...
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    The staff behind the scenes return

    The most important one behind the return of the staff behind the scenes is Oliver Wood, the photographer of the three series of films, and Christopher Ross, the editor of "The Bournemouth 2". "The Bournemouth 3" has more places to pass than the previous two episodes combined. This requires that in the process of making the film, the staff must maintain more sensitivity and modifiability, and be able to mix different Culture, trend of...
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    The main content of "The Bournemouth 3" was shot in Tangier, the capital of Morocco. The producers took a fancy to the rich historical features behind the city. In Tangier, the crew needed to film in a roundabout way among hundreds of onlookers inside and out. The fast and tense action scenes also include Berne rushing through the narrow streets of the Arab neighborhood. Shooting this set of scenes requires multiple creative and...
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    After 13 days of shooting on-site in Tangier, the crew came to London and reconstructed some indoor scenes in New York, Paris, Madrid, Tangier and Berlin in the famous Pinewood Studio. Under the guidance of graphic designer Peter Wynham, they rebuilt the headquarters of the "Black Pipe" organization-CRI here. The construction of CRI took two full months for the art team because they needed to constantly negotiate with Paul Greengrass...
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    Positive reviews

    With such a professional production and such a good cast, "The Bournemouth 3" has exceeded all expectations of this type of film. ( "Associated Press" review )
    "The Bourne Shadow 3" is a tribute to Byrne's determination, driving skills, as well as his ingenuity and good luck. ( "Chicago Sun Times" review )
    Although the subject matter is modular, among the three films, "The Bourne Shadow 3" brings people the most enjoyment. ( The New...
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    Movie quotes

    • [after Jason has killed Desh, the assasin sent after him and Nicky]

      Jason Bourne: [throws Desh's cell phone to Nicky] Code it in. We need to be dead.

    • Dr. Albert Hirsch: You haven't slept for a long time now. Have you made a decision? This can't go on. You have to decide.

      Jason Bourne: Who is he?

      Dr. Albert Hirsch: We've been through this.

      Jason Bourne: What did he do?

      Dr. Albert Hirsch: It doesn't matter.

      [walks over to Bourne and leans down]

      Dr. Albert Hirsch: You picked us. You volunteered. You said that you would do what it takes to save American lives. You're not a liar, are you? Or too weak to see this through? This is it. Let go of David Webb. Will you give yourself to this program.

      [Bourne, after a short pause, stands up and shoots a hooded man to death]

      Dr. Albert Hirsch: You're no longer David Webb. From now on you'll be known as Jason Bourne. Welcome to the program.

    • Jason Bourne: Why did you pick me?

      Dr. Albert Hirsch: You really don't remember, do you? We didn't pick you. You picked us. You volunteered. Right here. Right here, even after you were warned.