How far is the truth in the report from the truth?

Stuart 2022-04-19 09:01:47

I generally don't like watching war movies, but when I saw Matt Damon's portrait on the poster, I clicked the mouse involuntarily.

Unexpectedly, the storyline is very clean, there is no love affair between the soldier and the female record, there is no messy explosion and crash, there is no bloody scene, just a straightforward statement Matt Damon How the US military officer played with the CIA agents and Washington Post reporters uncovered the truth behind the US war on Iraq.

The truth in the movie may not be the truth in reality. The real truth may only be known to those few who are either alive or dead. The truth in the movie just reflects the psychology of some people in American society questioning the Iraq War, reflecting on the Iraq War and exploring the Iraq War.

In the process of watching the movie, I kept asking how the so-called "truth" was powdered, and what role did the media play in this process. I keep thinking about some of the minutiae of the movie.

Plot 1: When Matt Damon's officer rushes to the hotel and asks Amy Ryan's Washington Post reporter if she's verified the source, Amy Ryan's face is sullen and he keeps repeating that he's a high-ranking official in Washington...she can't believe she's been Concealed and exploited. However, her press release or the news media she represented did contribute to the U.S. war against Iraq at that time, when quite a few people did believe that Iraq had WMD.

Character 1: The lame Iraqi Freddie's affection for his homeland and his hatred of General Al Rawi. Some of Freddie's remarks in the film also reflect his deep love for his country and hope that the country will be peaceful and democratic. But I still can't understand why he shot Al Rawi to death, his hatred for Al Rawi is not commensurate with the badness of Al Rawi in the film, where General Al Rawi confesses to Washington officials that Iraq has no WMD , at least in this regard, he is honest and loyal to his country. I wonder, where did Freddie's hatred of General Al Rawi come from? Is it because of Al Rawi's report?

Remark 1: A passage from the officer played by Matt Damon, to the effect that if WMD cannot be found, if the reason why we started the war in the first place does not exist at all, and does not constitute a reason, how can we win the trust of the people next time?

In the process of recalling these details, an irrelevant question popped up in my mind -

we are inevitably influenced by media public opinion, especially in today's society, but the truth in the report is far from the truth. how far? How far are we from reporting so that we don't lose sight of the truth of reality?

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