The beauty who amazed the years

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It is strongly recommended to watch the original English version. The Chinese translation is simply unbearable and unbearable. The dubbing and subtitles are very inconsistent. If it weren't for Audrey Hepburn's beauty, I wouldn't have the patience to read it. In the whole article, I only noticed her bright eyes, charming and cute, and the male protagonist didn't see his face until the end...

Hepburn's name heard so much It has been many years, but it is not until today that I saw her first work. To be honest, I really understand why her beauty has been sung for so long, and she was especially favored in time. Who else could fit the role of a princess better than her? Unfamiliar with the world, kind-hearted, innocent and beautiful. She looks like she came out of a fairy tale, who can't feel pity and care with her hands? Even a woman like me wants to protect her (covering her face), her beauty really amazes the world! The gestures and gestures are like a walking textbook, and the expression of the expression is also very accurate. Especially in the transition between a little girl's personality and domineering, it shows the pain and entanglement of the character's growth. The little girl just lived a day of her own, and since then she has chosen a cage-like luxury prison. The mission she shoulders makes her. There is no choice. At that moment, the courage bursting out of her slender body was distressing and shocking!

Nowadays, many people are advocating the richness of girls. Boys have to experience bankbook difficulties since childhood, so that they can be able to take responsibility when they grow up. A girl is meant to be used for pain. If such a soft little girl is not taken care of, how can she become a rare and famous flower, and how can she brighten up a colorful life in the future? But what exactly constitutes a wealthy daughter in the true sense?
We raise our daughter so that she will not choose to devote herself to others because of a little external material temptation in the future. We want to expand her horizons and have a starting point that is much higher than ours. In the future, she can become a shining princess and get a prince. The pro-Lai, since then, has been properly placed in his life. But there are so many princesses, and there are always a few people who are likable, and more gradually become foils, and some of them become chattering complainers, and what's more, they become sinister and vicious villains. What is the purpose of raising our daughters?

For her to be able to respect herself and be respected by others.
In order for her to have a good upbringing posture, like a girl should have a beautiful appearance.
In order for her to be able to clear herself in the turbid society, she is an elegant white lotus that understands the pursuit and meaning of life.
For her to have a good life.
For her to grow up, the world will be stable and the years will be quiet. Some people are cute and have dreams to follow.

A girl is born delicate, how can she not take good care of her, this world is so prosperous, and there are so many quagmire traps, she was born weak, how could she not arrange a good life for her?

But many people's wealth is wrong. When I went to the school, I could see many girls wearing beautiful clothes and delicately braided hair, but the mother beside me was much sadder in comparison. Sacrificing one's own life to achieve wealth for his daughter is an irreversible mistake in itself! It will make the daughter selfish, or it may make her feel uneasy and inferior, or she may be arrogant and bossy.
The rich daughter does not put herself in the dust and becomes the nourishment she takes root, but uses a beautiful appearance to make herself her daughter's idol and the person she wants to be when she grows up. Material desires can never be satisfied by the human heart, and you may not be able to give her the splendor you want to give her if you try your best. Only consciously guided love, endless and unconditional, can become fertile ground for enriching daughters.
The best enrichment we can give our daughter is to teach her how to love herself, how to love others, how to understand the kindness of her dreams, how to maintain inner stability, how not to be fascinated by materialistic desires in this flowery world, how to deal with Life is full of respect, how can it be like a flower that blooms to full bloom all my life...

In the film, after the princess came back, facing the general's question, she firmly and painfully stated her choice: if I hadn't understood that there was something on my shoulders. The expectations of my family and people, I will never return, and probably never will. The princess who was overwhelmed by the sweetness of love was still brought back by the concept of upbringing and responsibility instilled in her childhood. She is ignorant of world affairs and human feelings, but the inexplicable burning feelings in her heart make her willing to go crazy for the so-called freedom. But she can't, she can't be so selfish to let her family suffer and disappoint her, lose the face of the royal family, and she can't face the disappointment and doubts of the people. Having chosen love, she may have to spend the rest of her life in torment.
When the princess is ignorant and ignorant, she can still make the right choice when she is tempted by the most magical love in the world, thanks to her diligent father, who has been educated since childhood. What about our children? The number of miscarriages every year is shocking. Behind that number, not only the reverence for life is lost, but also the bright sunshine in youth. Pike may not really be the princess's sweetheart, he is too shrewd, and the princess, when she matures, will understand what the person she loves looks like. The difference between the portals is also an insurmountable hurdle. Putting aside external factors, if the two of them are really together, after the passion of love, can they still tolerate each other's temperament and temper?
So the ultimate purpose of raising a daughter is to meet the right person at the right time. Before meeting that person, a person can live independently and wonderfully. Be responsible for every choice and stick to every future.

From Snow White, who created a precedent for princesses, Disney's princesses have also experienced the changes of the times.
The first generation of princesses can do laundry and cooking, they are kind and beautiful, waiting for the prince to come and save their world from trouble.
The second-generation princess gradually came up with her own ideas and wanted to see a different world, but at the end she was saved by the prince and lived a happy life ever since.
The current Disney princess, bravely chasing her dreams, strong and firm in her heart, without the approval of others, I am my own queen.
With the development of society, the status of women is gradually improving. Although the traditional vision has not completely dissipated, women have more rights of choice and freedom.
However, girls, any freedom and choice is not a candy that can be picked, and it requires corresponding efforts and responsibilities.
The princess in the film lives in a splendid castle, wears the most gorgeous clothes, and enjoys top service and respect. The princess dream of all girls is undoubtedly like this. But all these exteriors are gaudy cages. After all, the princess is a bird that has lost its wings. Even though it sings tactfully and has a beautiful body, it has lost its free soul. The way she collapsed in the film, the way she wanted to apologize even when she cried, the way she maintained good manners even when her feet hurt, the way she did her duty for the interests of the country...
The greater the ability, the greater the mission and responsibility on the shoulders, and the more constraints. You can't just see the infinite scenery on the surface. Everyone's lonely and painful night is a despair you can't imagine.

Women, be like this:

If you want beautiful lips, if you want to speak kind words, if you want lovely
eyes, if you want to see the good
in others
A child strokes your hair once a day For a
graceful posture, remember that you are not the only pedestrian when walking

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