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"Ponyo on the Cliff" or translated as "Ponyo on the Cliff" is a young animated film. This big-screen movie returns to Hayao Miyazaki's early animation production: it's clean and crisp, and it's all about pure architectural thinking. Its gorgeous and colorful pictures and the fresh sea breeze blowing at the face bring the audience into a warm world. It is said that a total of 170,000 hand-painted manuscripts were used in this work, which is staggering.

In Hayao Miyazaki's animation series "The Wind Rises", we can find the author's distant thoughts on his father's generation. In this part, we can find the deep family affection of Gong -- the affection for his son.

The story goes back to 1967, when Hayao Miyazaki was 26 years old, and more importantly, his eldest son was born, named Goro Miyazaki. Hayao Miyazaki, a first-time father, cherishes his son very much and often plays with his son after get off work. Hearing and seeing, Miyazaki Goro inherited the painting talent of his parents and loved painting since he was a child.

With the fame of the palace, the work has become more and more busy, and the care of his son has become blank. At many points in his growth, Hayao Miyazaki's father role is absent. Facing his son's career choice when he grows up, Miyazaki also showed his old and stubborn side. Trying to prevent his son, who is gifted in painting, from working in the animation industry, Miyazaki Goro has no choice but to become an architect.

This space alienation and the accumulation of time have split the gap between father and son to a sufficiently large extent. For a long time, father and son had nothing to say, even if Miyazaki Goro finally threw himself into animation and joined Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki still showed the attitude of a strict father, making things difficult for his son everywhere, trying to make him retreat.

In the eastern traditional educational thinking, the father always needs to play a strict role. By constantly tempering the young son to hope for success, Hayao Miyazaki is also unable to escape such a character. However, when faced with the dilemma between work and family, he chose the former, and he had no time to take care of cultivating the family relationship with his son, so it is conceivable that his son became stubborn and rebellious.

There is an obvious feature in the animation of "Pinyu Ji": the absence of the father's role. The little boy's family lives on the edge of the cliff on the isolated island. His son Sousuke's biggest hobby is to play ship model by the shore, even before he goes to kindergarten. Coincidentally, this missing father role is a sailor by profession. He wanders at sea all year round, and rarely has the opportunity to return home and reunite with his family. Longing for the sea is the longing for the distant father, and it is also the idol worship of the father in the heart of the child.

It is worth mentioning that the cliff where the boy lives in the picture and the whole house are painted with unique colored pencils. It is somewhat inconsistent with the always bright and colorful Ghibli style. Because colored pencils have never occupied such a huge proportion of the picture elements, some of them stand abruptly in the fantasy picture. This so-called innovation also makes the audience aware of the selfishness behind it. Perhaps this is the childhood memory that the child recorded in the picture album with color pens.

Ponyo: The heroine of the story is a half-merman with the body of a goldfish. The character of Ponyo has a father, that is, Fujimoto, the man with long hair covering his face and acting strangely at the beginning of the story. But no matter in terms of character creation or character shape, we can't put the little goldfish Ponyo and the weird man Fujimoto into a unified environment. And he is always playing a "negative" role that prevents Ponyo from contacting the outside world. This makes it even harder for us to associate him with the loving, stalwart character of his father, because he doesn't look like a father at all. We can think of it as an insinuation of Miyazaki himself: an incompetent father, a workaholic just obsessed with creating the world of animation.

Long Yingtai said in an article "Watching Off": I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father-daughter mother-son only means that the fate between you and him is that you are constantly watching his back in this life and this life. Lopsided. You stand on this end of the path, watching him gradually disappear at the turn of the path, and he silently tells you with his back: Don't chase.

When children grow up overnight, the bond between parent and child becomes weak. The alienation of an intimate relationship means the birth of another relationship. In a new relationship, children and parents are equal. When parents can no longer be separated from their strong feelings in a short time, countless pains and laments will be torn apart. In the animation, there is a scene where Ponyo wants to break through the transparent bubble, which symbolizes emotional bondage, while Fujimoto is chanting a spell in a panic, hoping to suppress the growing Ponyo with both hands, hoping that she will become obedient and return to her original state. status. We know that Fujimoto's original intention was good. He just wanted to create a comfortable environment for his children, while ignoring Ponyo's inner need for freedom. On many occasions, he displayed a pressure of pressure to control his children.

As things progressed and time accumulated, Fujimoto, the father, began to understand the child, and he broke away from the career he devoted himself to studying. Begin to accept that the child grows up, and say goodbye to the inevitable ending. Like all fathers and mothers in the world, he watched Sousuke and Ponyo leave with sincere blessings. The handshake between him and Sousuke is more like a reconciliation between Miyazaki and his son Goro. In silence, we have witnessed the growth of our children and the indescribable and inseparable affection between them and their parents.

In the end, the cheerful music sounded again, like a kind of relief, slowly, slowly, watching everything beautiful.

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Ponyo quotes

  • Sosuke: Ponyo, make the candle bigger!

  • Ponyo: Ponyo loves Sosuke! I will be a human, too!

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