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Carmella 2022-04-21 09:01:54

What would you do if you found a cute little goldfish one day
I would feed it ham and fall in love with her.

"Ponyo on the Cliff", if I can understand it this way, this film is an alternative interpretation of Hayao Miyazaki's mermaid princess, but the time has been advanced by more than ten years, hehe.
The master has always been good at challenging the limits of people's imagination, making those big children who have not lost their innocence once again indulge in the made-up stories, and more importantly, fall in love with the so-called stories he designed every time, and enjoy the other.

When the mermaid mother asked Sousuke
, would you like Ponyo for the rest of your life, protect her forever, and never leave her?
Then the lovely Sousuke nodded solemnly and his
expression was very serious and
immature, which made people moved by his sincerity.

I literally burst out laughing when I saw this. I don't care about the blame of the girls around me when they were touched and messed up, my thinking is temporarily open for a while, please everyone, Sousuke is only five years old, how did the plot arrange to answer at the wedding with others: I am willing. Like that scene. He was only five years old, how could he have thought of such a distant future?
And, who would have guessed what would happen in the future? A lifetime, after all, is too long.

The five-year-old Sousuke and Ponyo are both in love, and at the end of the film, it can be said that it is a kiss for life. They are precocious, so this kind of behavior can only be regarded as puppy love. The teacher should come out and punish them severely. How much will affect future study, future, etc., etc.? Ha ha
, similar puppy love also appeared in other works of Hayao Miyazaki, such as...for example... (everyone thinks about it by themselves), is it because the plot is not enough, and love comes together?
But, but, at such a young age, how can you know what love is?

When I was five years old, I was in the middle class of kindergarten. At that time, I really played a puppy love. I like a little boy very much. I say I like it, but I just have a good impression, or I simply like to play with him. At that time, children liked to play Jiajia (which is similar to a kind of role-playing game), and I was so shameless. Follow people behind the butt, he is a father, I have to play the mother, he plays the police, I will be a judge. After all, it was with him. People are also very happy.
The five-year-old silly girl, of course, doesn't know what kissing is, but she likes to hold other people's hands to play. The two fleshy little hands hold hands in a serious way, singing songs to school and after school, very happy.
Then, out of nowhere, it disappeared.
Of course, that has nothing to do with love. How can a child who is so young and doesn't understand shit have the heart to think about such profound and complicated issues?
But then again, the children of today are basically precocious, and the children in the third grade of elementary school are humming love songs all day long.
Notable points:
the boat that uses candles as power, driving on the water, looks old, but very cute;
the image of the mermaid mother is one of my favorite and best pictures of beautiful women when I was a child , I was moved when I saw her rising on a sea of ​​golden moonlight. It turned out that the master's brushstrokes were the same as the style of painting when I was a child... When
Po Niu was a little goldfish, she was inadvertently glanced at by one of my classmates, and she pointed out that Looking at the screen, he said, yo~ This little toad is so beautiful! I fainted on the spot, please eldest sister, they are a goldfish! !
Ponyo's father's men don't look gentle at all. Their image reminds me of the group of villains who chased Howl in "Howl's Moving Castle", so that I agree that Ponyo's father is a villain.
In short, in the end, Hayao Miyazaki still moved me a bit, I sighed with relief, stretched my waist, and included the film in my favorites column.

In any case, someone still needs to keep the best childhood memories for us, so that we have something to reminisce or cherish. Those passing years have a lot of innocence and touching for us.
Even if you fall in love early, what can you do?

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    Ponyo and Sousuke, whom I had been reading at the same table at school when I was in school, had a vulgar but true story.

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