a loser move

Rosanna 2022-04-20 09:01:40

There is a type of movie called 'loser move'. This film can be regarded as a typical. I got bored many times when I saw the middle, the realism of the heroine is very weak, at least I have never met or heard of such a person, but none of that matters at all. Because "she's out of my league" is really a good movie.

I think in the future I will show my kid this movie when he lies and tell him "Honest can solve everything!"
When my kid is low self-esteem I will tell him "Just be yourself, YOU ARE TEN !"
Because I've always believed so.

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Extended Reading
  • Meredith 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    American screenwriters are catching up with our domestic ones.

  • Sasha 2022-04-23 07:01:51

    It's not bad. The original sound is very good. Loser liked it when I watched it. I liked this when I watched Star Wars fans.

She's Out of My League quotes

  • Kirk: Stainer, I know you don't like her very much.

    Stainer: Nooo, no. I hate her. In fact, the day you broke up with her I marked that down on my calendar as a day of rejoicement. I'm going to celebrate it with a cake with her face on it, but instead of eating it, we smash it.

  • Patty: You look just like someone I went to high school with.

    Stainer: Oh yeah? What high school? Maybe it was me.

    Patty: No, he's in a coma.

    Stainer: Huh. Who brought the good news bear? Somebody give her some fucking honey.