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When I saw that the relationship between Jenny and David seemed to be a certainty, the female teacher said something to Jenny in disappointment, but she was cruel and sarcastic, and I suddenly felt very sad. It seems that when I went back to middle school, I watched the teacher show that disappointed look countless times, but I am not Jenny, and I have never been valued or expected so much by any elder. Naturally I can't say to such a person when I am saddened and regretful: "I need your help." Naturally, no one will answer me: "I have been waiting for you to say this." If I have confidence in myself , the level of trust in others can reach that level, and in that situation, I said that sentence, if there is a person who is willing to respond to me with similar words, I am afraid that my current life will be different.

If it were a few years ago, I probably wouldn't be so angry with Jenny, who was carried away by the luxurious material life, I would probably agree with her "going to school is just a way to keep life boring" The first half of the film Ministry, I tried to imagine my 17-year-old self. When I met a man like that, I would definitely be fascinated. But I watch David's little tricks, little tricks, and still laugh from time to time, but I forgot about me in another parallel universe, and I was as stupid as Jenny to believe in that man, or even the chance to meet such a man. No - just pretend to be grown up like she is now, see through it all and make fun of David and Jenny.

Is this what you call growth? Analyzing what a fulfilling and meaningful life is like reading a magazine or reading an English book, knowing Latin and saying a word of French from time to time, or just wearing a sexy nightgown and combing a noble and elegant hairstyle for yourself? "Growing Up Education" is indeed an education that leads people to the healthiest path, and life can show different meanings for everyone. The sentence Danny stopped Helen from saying may be "I found Danny When you have a wife..." And why did Danny stop Helen? In order to protect the pure and beautiful expectations of life in Jenny's heart? Or just because she likes Jenny and doesn't want to destroy the image in her heart? In any case, the original intention is more like the former, but it is too contrived, it can only appear in the movie, and cannot be inserted into life, because it makes a person carry a heart that is too innocent and move towards a complex and realistic The world, I am afraid it is an even worse move.

At the end of the movie, Jenny said that there are no shortcuts in life, she felt old inside, buried the past in her heart, and pretended that nothing had happened to fall in love with a boy of the same age, just like an experienced old man - indeed, love makes people Growth - in a certain way, but because of such a love, I feel old in my heart, and I am afraid it is also a sign of not growing up. There are shortcuts in life, such as having a rich dad, or doing sit-ups when you were born - those who say that there are no shortcuts in life are people who have not got the keys to shortcuts - such as Jenny's principal, such people Those who are likely to get the keys to the shortcut must be convinced that taking shortcuts is only a dead end, and their hearts can be balanced.

This is a movie that hopes that all the little friends will become good babies. Study hard, enrich yourself, and don't try to rely on anyone, but people who should rely on others will still do it, and they will sigh at themselves when they have no conditions to rely on others. What an upright heart, what a right path I chose, and said to myself that "my life is meaningful", looked down on those who took shortcuts, and gained a sense of moral superiority.

After writing this, I feel that I am quite lacking, because I actually cried just now. When the teacher said, "I have been waiting for you to say this," I really believed that she was here, that she had nothing to do with me. Relationship, even if she is in her early years, she will not get the slightest benefit (at least the benefit is not that big), such a person will be kind to herself from the heart, trust herself, and be willing to help herself at any time. I believed that real emotion at that moment, like 17 years old. However, sitting here, I slowly began to doubt all of this, analyzing the various scams in this inspirational story, but I still couldn't explain the emotion in a derogatory sense. I still didn't do it, and I didn't succeed.

I believe in the teacher and her outlook on life. I believe that my preferences can be accomplished in a simple and simple way. I also believe that the richness of the spiritual world is far higher than the enjoyment of material life. I even believe that Jenny's father said: "I've lived my life in fear, and I don't want you to live in fear." I believe in one person's trust in another, even though I'm not lucky or good enough to have that trust. But I ruined it all with realistic excuses.

It might be growing up, something Danny didn't want Jenny to know.

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    There are no shortcuts in life

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    A story similar to the theme of "Mona Lisa's Smile" is told from the subjective perspective of a 16-year-old British girl. Although the whole film is somewhat unconventional, it is concise, smooth and moving. Whether it is the performance of the heroine, the supporting roles of stars, or the excellent photography and editing, it is pleasing to the eye. The regret is still that the presentation of the theme is superficial and mediocre, and there are small details in the plot that are not handled properly.

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  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

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