If there is a embrace brave no matter the cost, don't let me fly and surround me tenderly

Albina 2022-04-23 07:01:51

When Ponyo jumped up from Sosuke's hand at the end of the film and let Sousuke kiss her and the magic took effect, Ponyo finally got her wish and became human. The chubby girl... I finally laughed happily. I love this fat little goldfish so much, I really want to pinch her chubby cheeks.

Hayao Miyazaki's animation has always been a big love, but I don't see much. The most classic "Grave of Fireflies" made a lot of tears. The latest "Princess Goldfish on the Cliff" has not many moving plots, which is much duller than in the past. However, for a woman like me who is more fragile, it still has some small feelings. After Princess Ponyo's mother goddess found out that Ponyo liked Sosuke, she had a dialogue with Ponyo's father:

Goddess: If the little boy doesn't change his mind, Ponyo can lose her magic and become a human,
Dad: But that method failed , Ponyo will turn into a bubble.

So I thought of the story of Yu Yi Niang, saying that every woman is Yu Yi Niang, all fairies, and they used to not eat human fireworks until you fell in love with a person, you took off your feather coat for him and became a woman, and from then on mortal You take all the trivial and heavy loads together. This is not a fairy tale or a myth, but a reality because you love it. Where is it that you really don't know where the feather clothes are hidden? But you don't care anymore, all you care about is the man who sleeps next to you every night.

Whether it is Chinese classical myths and legends, or the mermaid princess of European and American fairy tales, or the Japanese animation written by Hayao Miyazaki, none of them are as good. Maybe every girl starts out as an elf, but when she falls in love with a boy, her magic disappears, even then she has no regrets, holding the desire to spend this life with him, the girl can give everything , although the outcome may be doomed. In order to be with Sosuke, Ponyo gave up magic, gave up her father's strong protection, and was willing to become a human in order to be with Sosuke forever.

Touched by Sosuke, he took Ponyo's hand to find his missing mother, Risa, and walked to the entrance of the tunnel. Sosuke took the very distressed Ponyo and said, "Don't let go."

How long is the commitment of a five-year-old boy? We don't want to and dare not imagine. And maybe, only five years old is worthy of her firm dreams and his pure joy. Fairy tales are fairy tales, and only the soul of a fairy tale can be equipped with a fairy tale-like story. In this world, if you want to achieve something, you must first have what kind of mind you have. This is my experience of being baptized. As for those gradients that will come with time, let us all give it to time, because, we will all grow up.

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Ponyo quotes

  • Sosuke: Ponyo, make the candle bigger!

  • Ponyo: Ponyo loves Sosuke! I will be a human, too!

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