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Augustine 2022-04-21 09:01:54

Recently, I have lost the feeling of watching movies. I have watched them one by one, and I can't tell the bright spots or the grooves. It's just like life. Looking back now, both the little boy and the little girl are quite cute, the little girl looks pretty as a whole, and the little boy is also too handsome in Europe.
The overall tone of the film is positive energy. The little girl went to the Nazi study room to "borrow" books for Jewish youth to read, which is not considered stealing or stealing. The Nazis deprived others of reading first and kept so many books, how could they steal. I don't like translations at this point.
Little girls always feel a little high in front of boys, which is vivid and familiar.
The footage of two people racing on the street is very penetrating, and it reminds me of how hard I used to fight with people over trivial matters.
When you watch a movie, you are actually watching yourself.
The interior scenes of the film are mostly warm orange, which I like. Warm colors are warm in seasonal and cool-toned environments.
I watched Murong Xuecun's "Forgive Me Upside Down", Wei Da, like his classmates who went to school and graduated from school, was destined to go to Huangquan. It makes people sigh. In this world, what kind of life planning and practice can flow out of the broad road. I feel that Wei Da's heart is so rotten to the core that he is not welcome, and he is also embarrassed for all kinds of bad things in the world. After reading this kind of book, it is hard to say that I can regain my confidence in life. On the contrary, I may have to lose that little thought again. The truth is hard to exist, and the great evil and evil do not survive, then what exists is the object that is neither black nor white. It's boring to think about it.

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  • Katrine 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    But you are my family. See with the eyes that could speak, and you can write then.

  • Lera 2021-11-27 08:01:17

    Many movies have narration throughout, but the special thing about this film is that the narrator himself is death. A very warm story, the characters are very successful, showing the goodness of human nature of different personalities. But the rhythm is too flat, the final ending is very sad, and the sugar is too heavy. I may be moved and liked it when I watch it, but it is easy to forget afterwards. The music is sad but also, hopeful. @Park Terrace 6

The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: Tell me, where do you get these words?

    Liesel Meminger: It's a secret.

    Max Vandenburg: Who would I tell?

  • Liesel Meminger: Franz Deutscher doesn't sound very smart.

    Rudy Steiner: He's the dumbest kid in school. But he shaves.