How long does it take for a person to learn to be alone?

Kareem 2022-04-19 09:02:06

I think I've been single long enough, but sometimes I still don't know if I really like someone. Did you choose someone before, intentionally or unintentionally? There is no way to enter a long-term relationship. From a certain point of view, it should be done on purpose. I am afraid of being alone, and I am even more afraid of taking responsibility; I don’t like a person, but I am afraid of getting along with two people; I feel afraid when I think of being with someone forever. Because you are reluctant to leave the freedom without bondage?
At first, I really watched this movie with the idea of ​​learning something. What did I learn after watching it? Whether you are single or in love, it takes a lot of courage. The most important thing is not to be single or to be in a relationship at all, but to figure out who you are, what you want, and what you can want.
If you don't know yet, do some exercise, read a book, and be alive anyway.

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  • America 2022-03-20 09:01:52

    The first feeling is that we have all seen and played this New York party... 2. The relationship between Lucy and the workaholic sister is too unrealistic... 3. Actually, there is no need to make an ex-boyfriend a scumbag, people don't experience some Some people don't know what they want... 4. Enjoy being single when you are single. It's okay to yearn for marriage and relationships, but don't live in other places

  • Evan 2022-04-24 07:01:09

    For the single self, I do have a sense of identity in a certain state, and I have always felt a sense of increased self-confidence when watching.

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  • Tom: Marriage! The end of spontaneous sex, travelling by yourself, and buying whatever you want without having to ask permission. Right?

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    Robin: No, Buzz-Cut and Dimples are visiting from Italy, and they want to know all about American Christmas traditions like us sitting on their faces.