As long as you don't turn your back on youth, youth will never end!

Josefa 2022-10-12 08:55:13

It is now two o'clock in the afternoon on March 27, 2020. It took about a month to finally finish the second brush.

After all, more than a month ago, I was very disappointed in the face of the failure of the postgraduate entrance examination, but I couldn't study quietly, so I rely on animation to live, let's watch my favorite Naruto.

When I was in elementary school, probably around 2002 or 2003, when I could see Star TV on TV, I watched almost all of my Japanese animations from there, including Hokage, Reaper, Inuyasha, Conan, China Little Master, Four-wheel drive brothers, and the one from Captain Dragonfly, Kabut, activates the super-transformation form, although it is not an anime, but I like it very much, and there is a sub-satellite TV, who will let me have a date with a zombie, I also feel super nice. But often because of power outages, or having to study at night, I haven't seen many episodes. So far I have left a very deep impression, especially in the episode of Li vs Gaara, I ate dinner very slowly, because I wanted to finish it, haha, I didn't want to go to the self-study, and was urged by my dad to go. At that time, I was watching the Mandarin translation, but now I think it's funny.

The time spanned to high school, around 2011 or 2012, I was about to take the college entrance examination. I used to be the best student in my studies. I was addicted to having fun. I was crazy at school all day. Watching Hokage... It was already in the wind at that time, and I was waiting for the update intermittently. Now I look back on it, but it is beautiful. Then I didn't read it much, but there was a naughty boy in the class who always liked to give me spoilers because he read comics, haha. Including Naruto's marriage in the latest episode at that time, he also told me.

I have been nagging so much, and the time has returned to the present. Now I have been working for three or four years. I am an adult. Although I still think I am a child, my friends are getting married and having children. Sometimes it is inexplicable. There is an indescribable feeling that my parents are getting older day by day, but my ability is still so weak!

When I was young, my favorite character was actually Naruto. At that time, it was just because he was the protagonist. He was very good. He, but his understanding of Hokage has become much deeper. In my opinion, Naruto can actually be called a perfect manga, because this is the only anime I've watched in its entirety so far. I haven't watched Doraemon, nor Sakura Maruko~

There is actually a deep understanding and thinking about many things in Naruto, mixed with family, love, friendship, so-called fetters, life, war, hatred, values, etc., each character is profound and distinct, and there are almost no supporting roles. Including the protagonist's never-give-up spirit. I think this is also Kishimoto's value. On the other hand, in real life, it may not be as exaggerated as in the animation, but there are more or less shadows like that. I once thought that the Ninja War would be a world war, but fortunately, what kind of values ​​​​this world needs to guide, you What kind of person do you want to be, and what is your view of reality are actually very deep and philosophical questions. As Daqi said, reality is only a mirror image, and we ourselves are often trapped in it. , as Payne said, do you know a bag of rice, do you know someone else's bag of rice, can you empathize with how many floors a bag of rice is worth? As long as this world exists, the contradiction will always exist. How should we do it and how to deal with it? In fact, I believed Naruto's mouth escape when I was a child, but now I stand from the perspective of an adult, in fact, I am not big I believe that it is actually difficult to understand and empathize with each other... Just like the episodes at the end of Hokage, the big country is unified, but the small country is still chaotic.

However, there are still ideals. We still have to be like Naruto. Even if we bear great pain, we still have to be positive and not black out. Although we are not the sons of prophecy, and we can’t fight for fathers, we still have to work hard. Work hard, because we are the protagonists in our own lives. If we can't save the world, then save ourselves. When we admit our ordinary and failure, we must be like Li and Kai, and we must continue to practice, strive, and progress, and don't become It's a dwindling crowd. Even if you can make a little achievement in your own small area, it's very happy. I think that's youth, and that youth will never end!

At the end of the story, Kakashi asked Shikamaru, what do you think growing up is? Shikamaru didn't answer, but they began to shoulder the responsibilities of their original parents and masters to protect the next generation of jade. I think this is growing up, they have grown up, we have grown up, maybe the difference is that they got married at a young age, and I am still single, haha. The end of Naruto also means the end of the Naruto dream of a generation. Boren and the others are now playing the game of Ji Ninja, and Naruto and the others were practicing when they were young. Indeed, times have changed.

I also hope that this year I will be able to win a battle! Because it can be rescued, the national line has not yet come out, come on, the old aunt of the post-90s, after all, this is the first time I have written such a long drama review, haha.

Congratulations again to Naruto and Hinata for their marriage.

Goodbye, Naruto; goodbye, all the characters I've loved and hated; goodbye, my boyhood.

Attached the true face of Kakashi, it turned out to be just because of the beauty mole, haha

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