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Felipe 2022-11-12 17:18:53

I went to see the effect of the Australian animation for this film, or I didn't say that
the recognition degree of the owl face is very low. . . I still can't remember the name of the main character after reading it. . =
So the evil side is also very evil. The nose ring is highlighted. The

details are very good and the rhythm is good. It fully reflects the beautiful stunts,
but the overall feeling is a bit of a waste of 3D effects. . The overall background 3D feeling when flying can be stronger.
The effect of the title is really amazing. It makes people want to reach out and touch~~~
The 'owl shadow play' when the subtitles are on the end of the movie has a particularly good texture and can be regarded as a highlight . The

details are like an owl. The feathers are swaying in the wind~ The
light transmittance and texture of the mouth?

Is the episode Owlcity to match the theme? Well~ it's good

although the owl's mouth shape is weird when he talks. . All with a more typical Australian accent
Kangaroo country sense of humor. . . The laugh is not bad

. Some people say that the owl has been cooing. . . I think it's fortunate that it's not that exaggerated

except for the low recognition of the face. The most difficult thing should be the body language and movements
, but it's not bad. . . As far as owls are concerned, the plot is quite interesting,

not to mention the typical family American cartoon Happy ending,
which is completely bloodless and especially suitable for children to watch
. This plot can be summed up by the vulture hero. . .

Four stars for special effects and jokes! ! ! It is recommended to buy popcorn and watch it easily~~~

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