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Remington 2022-10-24 21:03:09

[Those who think that who and who is now (2013) are considered promising, obviously everyone has a different concept of "promising", please click "useless" at will, don't bother to write a response to each other's disgusting, thank you] This is the

first time I watched it in a disc store When I arrived, I glanced at the heroine, Gwyneth Paltrow, an intellectual and artistic woman, and Penélope Cruz, a passionate woman. The second time I tried to see the male protagonist, it turned out that in addition to Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg, it seemed that I had to buy it, although I didn't hope, what kind of casting is this.

The film itself is not worth mentioning as expected, the basic setting is a bit interesting, dreaming of beautiful women and trying to prolong the spiritual derailment of the dream, but unfortunately it is extremely dull and boring, and there is a terrible ending that integrates the whole film. Gwyneth's younger brother Jake Paltrow wrote and directed the virgin feature film, which is estimated to be a friendly actor. Those British losers seem cheap and layered. Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg, as representatives of this generation of British actors who are barely familiar with their faces in the United States and will never make a big splash, dressing them in gold is also a look of otaku. Of course, otakus are in power these days, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't even watch this kind of film. But there are many kinds of otaku, why are Sean who fights with zombies in the UK and Arthur Dent who roams space with aliens (although this movie version of H2G2 was also shot by Americans, anyway, there are scenes in the original novel), When he came to the United States, he became a completely wretched and boring middle-aged tram man?

The only refreshing thing is the cameo. The guy who heard his voice without seeing him at the beginning is very comfortable listening to his voice and accent. As soon as the picture came out, Jarvis!!! The previous post just said that he didn't care about his gossip, and he really didn't even care about him. I don't even know if I went to make a movie. Very natural performance, lol. In a certain dream of the male protagonist, Do You Remember the First Time was used, but he changed a sentence, and after listening to it twice, he did not understand the specific lyrics. Well, anyway, I'm disillusioned with this person after getting married and having a baby, so I won't investigate why I took this film.

Another cameo is Michael Gambon, the second headmaster of Harry Potter in cute socks. Although everyone has a lot of criticism for his version of the headmaster, I don't care. I have a good impression of his Endgame, and he still has an old series in his hand." The Singing Detective" to be seen.

Finally, let me mention that there is a country in the world called Russia, which is known for its high speed and low quality in its release. Chinese D-sellers who have the same pursuit are clinging to its ass to take the lead. The high-end picture quality comparison is not my concern, but the most fatal part of these discs is that there are no English subtitles, and D businessmen who are bent on fast will naturally not listen to the translation. The Chinese subtitles are basically nonsense, and there is nothing but naked viewing. Other laws, resulting in poor understanding. Therefore, you still need to care about the basic information and disc reports of the movie, or at least ask if it is the Russian version when you buy it. Well, I have actually fallen in a pit a few times, so does it mean that I still watch the new movie?

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  • Mel: Sometimes I wish that you could just hit the sack and never wake up. If your favorite song never ended, or your best book never closed, if the emotions mustered from these things would just go on and on, who wouldn't want to stay asleep? The guy who discovers that perpetual dream, he's my man.

  • Terry: [Paul and Gary are hiding in Terry's apartment] I know you're here, Paul. The doorman told me you just came in. Come out and I won't be mad.

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